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  1. Can you add "Esc" to close bank? That's much more human than closing it by pressing the X button. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Getting 196k xp an hour with gold bars and gold gauntlets
  2. Can rune pouch support for teleport to home be added? Right now it's House Tablet > Castle Wars > House tablet It also seems to hold onto 3 recoil rings: 2 in inventory and 1 equpied I'm just doing 1 kill trips
  3. One more question, is fixed screen size or resizable easier for the bot?
  4. Hi where can I find the set-up guide for this script? I remember you having a youtube video for it. Found it here: youtube.com/watch?v=alfJ1BZLQco (although it's 4 years old) Can this script Bank at Camelot > Teleport home > Use Pool > Fairy Ring to Zulrah?
  5. spam clicking obstacles is the way to go. Most people I know spam click.
  6. Keeps freezing when trying to select armor sets. happens with or without looking glass. Did resizable and fixed mode. Restarted client.
  7. For mouse speed, the higher the number, the faster it moves right? thanks! Also I find that I'm "lagging" sometimes. I know it's not my internet. (don't experience it when using other scripts or playing regularly) Bot is using 30% cpu. I have an i5-2500k. 8 gigs of ram. It's on both resizeable and fixed mode. I think it's just the tribot client actually. Even w/o the bot running im stuttering alot
  8. howdy, does this, like the other Zulrah bot, work in resizeable mode? Thanks mate
  9. suggestions: - press escape to close bank - allow us to have 3 items in inventory ( nature astral runes and a random item) and fill bank so you can simply press deposit inventory rather than right click also xp per hour is broken, shows me getting 4m xp an hour
  10. There is no setting for it. Look at the video on the first page. Make you inv look like this kinda.
  11. Add shift click to empty pouches. Thats what everyone does. runs to Astral Alter then stands there for a few seconds, maybe click the alter when it's in sight? Otherwise banking is really nice.
  12. Astrals do not work. runs to altar then just stands there. Then logs out. Or it will open bank and just stand there clicking at random places. [17:01:37] Downloading script 'ExRuneCrafter Monthly'. [17:01:42] Script Started: ExRuneCrafter Monthly. [17:01:44] v1.9992WWWW Lava runes fixed and added addiotnal randomization [17:02:04] clicking bank booth at POS: (2098, 3920, 0) [17:02:04] we are sleeping for: 947 [17:02:06] clicking bank booth at POS: (2098, 3920, 0) If I l already have runes in inv, it'll just deposit them and again just stand there randomly clicking in my bank. Tried Abyss crafting, same problem.
  13. Why does this right click to enter obstacles? just normally click, and make users turn off "left click to attack" in settings. Make it so that it clicks nature altar right when in sight, rather that running in front of it then entering. Option to use amulet of glory to teleport to edge rather than house teleport? and if it does use house, Ornate pool support? Walking isn't that great. Maybe add some more spam clicking so the player doesnt just stop in the middle of wildy. Shift click to empty pouches. The is the most human way to do it. Press "ESC" to close bank.
  14. Does it support stam pots? Also I have 65 Farming yet only getting 2.5k xp an hour. Which seems much much lower that the proggy you posted of the lvl 52 getting 14.3k an hour. full graceful with 70+ agility.
  15. oops forgot to update post. But yaknow those popups asking me to allow something through the firewall, I guess I missed one and that was the reason it was unable to grab my equipment.
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