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  1. tyler1204

    [Free] Brian's AIOCooker [Free]

    about to use ur script hope it works
  2. Still cant do the maze :/
  3. tyler1204

    Login Bot Addition

  4. tyler1204

    The TRiBot Repository

    guessing they will be added soon
  5. tyler1204

    The TRiBot Repository

    wow looks really nice good jobs
  6. tyler1204

    Nice mouse trail snippet

    what ? lol
  7. tyler1204

    Nice mouse trail snippet

    Did not know about it
  8. tyler1204

    Ideas to prevent bot busting bans.

    no but there reports are like #1 looked at i think
  9. tyler1204

    [Tutorial] Enabling "Multi-logging"

    thx for the help
  10. wow havent used this script in a while is it still working?