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  1. Deluxe version sounds cool,hopefully it gets added. Also if you could add like 3-7day version. Would be good for people that want to fully test the script after the price increase.
  2. fatih42

    USA Bot Farm Tool

    He seems to have abondoned any coding related stuff.
  3. Yes it's a very common problem with Tribot+ Linux atm. Hope that they are aware of this issue and it gets fixed
  4. It all depends on the qualiy of script i've got one been lasting few weeks. If you get a shit or an average coder you'll definetely get banned within 1-3days.
  5. Missing deadfall hunting. either need to complete quest for swamp lizard or it will take a very long time to get to 43 to get a good xp gains....
  6. I'm thinking of using an proxy and manualy play on the accs for some stats. When i used to fish 30accs i used One account to mule them all and transfered to my main account. All my fishing accounts got banned. I am now going to try to use 1 fish acc per 10accoutns does any have any other tips? (Also my muler hasn't got banned, I used one of my fishers to trade all my other accounts and they all got banned) i use proxy for every 3accs
  7. fatih42

    USA Bot Farm Tool

    USA told me that he'l look into this next month. Let's cross our fingers and wait
  8. Is it possible to add a inbult breakerf for fising trawler. For example after 3 boats take a break.
  9. Request: Quest: Fishing contestDescription: Walk/TP to ge. Buy items,finish questPayment Amount: What is your budget? I'll be paying a decent amount,give me your prices.Time: How soon does this need to be completed? soon tmAdditional:
  10. Request: Minnow + muleDescription: Catch minnows with good anti ban settings( Like encoded's). After reaching X minnows mule .Payment Amount: What is your budget? I'll be paying a decent amount,give me your prices.Time: How soon does this need to be completed? soon tmAdditional:
  11. The mouse movements are all the same, eg it always snaps the cursor to fill the bucket with water ( in same speed everytime ) would probably be better if it pre aimed the cursor where the water leak is. Also i think that you might have to contact Trilez to add break option so it starts the break after the boat has stopped. Worthy has this for his zulrah script. It might be possible for this script aswell if it gets added in the client.
  12. Could you please make trawler more humanized. It's causing way to much bans right now even if you put alot of breaks. 30min runtime->60Min break and it still gets banned.
  13. fatih42

    USA Bot Farm Tool

    @Usa Hey many any updates on the buying item part? It doesn't buy any items
  14. Buying all feathers about 2M feathers! pm me your price
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