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  1. Hello, if it's possible to do : If one of the farm bots got banned, and if they get banned auto creating new account? It's like, i have a farm, one of the bots got banned, then auto creating new account starts botting asap? Thanks, it's just a question that needs answer..
  2. Roger that, Thank you all for you answers!
  3. It's my finish line, 100 bots, but now i know i don't have to start with all 100. That's why i'm here asking for some tips.
  4. @auryzas242 so, if i want to start normal gold farm, not the suicide one, they have to be p2p? Handling breaks, leveling not the one skill? Or how it should look like?
  5. Thanks, read that a while ago.. Just a question, suicide bots have to earn for those bonds to make p2p other accounts? Am i right?
  6. I know, i just have a server i actually don't use, but still paying for it like a year now.. So i just want to make use of it. New accounts actually will start being f2p.. Then when the reasonable amount of gold will be farmed they will be made p2p accounts. Actually, best this to have chat is Discord, some1 want to give me some tips on Discord?
  7. Thanks guys for your time. Planning to start gold farming in my server, want to run like ±100 accounts. Which skills would be better? WC/Fishing? Or something else?
  8. Hello, i'm an old bot user, but, never thought about you guys. Got a question for bot farmers. How do you create account? Automatic script? If yes, it needs email with verification to create accounts? Bless me god getting this information. Thanks!
  9. Yep, got banned today either, 2 hours ago. Moreover, was testing how long will i last without breaks and log outs. Managed to get 77 fishing and BAM banned. Nothing to loose, 3lvl f2p testing account. ~35 hours of botting without anything lasted. Later on today created new account for testing purpose, left on chicken farm to lvl up some combat, lasted only one hour, i was using proxy, not sure if flaged or not. I guess if you want to decrease the risk of being banned you firstly should atleast level up your combar to 30-60lvl, then make it p2p account, create your own script on non populated areas and this should work i guess.
  10. Stripe does not accept payments from Lithuania.. too bad
  11. Yes, i know, but why it would block this? If, everywhere else i can? :?
  12. Trying to buy some credits here like 10 of them, can't getting Payment failed: Your card was declined.. My credit card working everywhere exept here..
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