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  1. I prefer 58 minutes and 52 seconds. That works best for me.
  2. Hi Fluffee, ran into a problem while having account go through tut island, The bot will not click on the "click to continue" for dialogue with npc, and i have to manually click through them? Any fix to this? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I was curious if anyone had any advice on bot running with breaks, specifically what would be the best time running / best time breaking?
  4. I was curious if the likelihood to get banned was reduced if your account has membership, as in say I am using a woodcutting bot, on a f2p world -- I get banned in 24hrs or less. Would this be reduced if I was to have membership?
  5. I am just starting out, I was curious how to get around the G.E. new account unable to sell thing. This leaves a new account unable to profit from some of the logs and buy new axes.
  6. Great, I am using Virmach as well, I am assuming you went with the 3 gb version? Here is a easy way to get tribot: Click the firefox in the lower left, go to tribot.org and dl the software, the bot update folder that they have provided does not work well. go to the download folder in firefox and transfer it to your desktop.
  7. you have a bunch of things working against you in my opinion: -Free Script -Woodcutting right off the bat - IMO too long of a period of botting just starting out that account, Take a look at some tutorials on how to safe bot
  8. Thanks for the quick fix TRiLez!
  9. What is your botting cycle? Are you being a smart botter?
  10. I am curious as to if making your accounts (for gold farm) all on one IP that is not flagged, (say for example your home IP), could those all be chain banned if after being made, sent to bot on different proxies, or should the accounts be made on seperate IPs.
  11. Hello there fellow botters! I am looking at getting started in a gold farm, as a hobby but also as possibly a money maker. (Though I doubt I will get to that level of botting..) I do know that most sucessful bot farms usually tend to invest money before they start earning that back, but I was wondering how a sucessful bot farm gets started, and how to go about setting up your farm. I am extremly excited to start this farm up, but am new to the whole thing and could use some much needed advice! Some areas where I am a bit worried about are: - Setting up Proxy IP's, because from what I've heard, commercial IP's are targeted by jagex, and the account will be shut down quickly, (what are some good companies to buy proxies from? Socks?) -Starting out account: Should I look into playing on each account for a bit at the beginning maybe 2-3hrs max before I start botting? Make it look like a real account -Bot management: Since I am going to be paying for tribot, that will be a investment. I am wondering if running a bot in short sessions +/- 2 hours at a time 3-4 times a day would be the best option for the longevity of the account, as well as less suspisious. Will this also be viable for bringing in a profit? -Sucessful F2P botting: What are some good F2P bot suggestions that will bring in a good amount of gold, but not highly suspisious of being a bot I am not looking to suicide bot. (To help keep my IP's safe, and keep the account going.) Thanks for the help, would love to get into the community of botters, and hope to be hearing from you all!
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