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  1. [url=https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/24614-assume-staker-15am-2147b-2147bhrddswhipboxscim/]
  2. I am as the creator of the dispute messaged me on skype pre-purchase regarding the guide. Kenno asked if people send HIM money, which they don't. Therefore emre was telling the truth. I realise emre wasn't meant to sell the guide, but how can u classify in/out of tribot?
  3. I know this guide as well, emre sold it to me, what's wrong with it? He paid for a guide and got the guide, infact he hasn't even paid up. Anyways, the user of this guide doesn't even receive any money, that's not the point. They get someone else to send money to jagex very easily, the user of guide receives nothing. If you need the guide so that you can see that this is true, then i'm sure one of us can give it to you.
  4. I buy 1, my skype=rscheap
  5. Hey, this script loses a lot of traps which ends inevitably makes it run out of traps. For example, this morning I am running 3 accs, all run for an hr and all have lost 3-4 traps each. Not only does this mean script stops often, but means I have to constantly supply my accs with more traps. Please fix! Thanks! Otherwise, it's a great script EDIT: After less than 2 hrs, 2/3 accs have run out of traps and I started both with 11 traps... [10:29:04] (0,0,128,-1,1,0,180,true,false,true,true,false,[Lorg.tribot.api2007.types.RSTile;@1bfe5f,[Lorg.tribot.api2007.types.RSTile;@1bfe5f)
  6. if I start it is running to nowwhere... lol please add my skype
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