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  1. Why does this script ONLY work in lite mode??? My game runs 10x smoother without lite mode but its required...
  2. My PC is absolutely amazing aswell as my internet connection but tribot runs like ass... it's just super choppy, slow, etc. How can I fix this? I want to continue using Zulrah helper but I just want it to be smoother like runelite.
  3. can you do this for me? i'll pay
  4. is it true you don't need tribot VIP to buy and use this?
  5. How amazing... script doesnt go to the bank, or eat anything in inventory faggot
  6. Script doesn't even work. It just spam clicks the planks instead of building the item referring to trying to build a carved teak wardrobe, it just tries to drag the item out of the inventory.
  7. what is your skype?
  8. Buying 63 mil OSRS for 75$. Not dealing with any scammers so if you have any reports on you, DON'T PM ME.
  9. ashleyasaur


    Edit: Didn't know you weren't allowed to have multiple accounts. Will not use my second one.
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