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  1. Im running in some issue The client is just disappearing after "verifying"
  2. An extra option to disable bailing at Fishing Trawler would be nice. Also easy to get reports when the entire chat is spamming "don't bail because it makes the activity bar go down slower" and you're still full bailing
  3. I don't know why, but it just keeps on world hopping because there are no correct bandits inside or close by. while I put one manually inside even EDIT: Removing tribot's hooks.dat fixed the issue.
  4. Use http://oldschool27.runescape.com/ , you're probably on https.
  5. Tried it before posting , tried deleting hooks.dat / local scirpt settings.
  6. Hey, sorry was gone for a while. Script is running pretty good to be honest, I did Hosidus, Piscarilius and Shazien from 0 to 100% with it. Would recommend to mention what items you need (if you need them) somewhere (maybe in the GUI) The buggy favour % at some houses which you already know, makes the 'stop at %' crashing and the script stops. ^ (for people who are going to try this script out make sure you dont put anything in "Stop at _% favour" if this accurs) Solid script already!
  7. Script wants to "checking bank for axes" all the time even when I put "Upgrade axe" off and having a dragon axe on. When going to the bank it's deposting my dragon axe and taking a steel axe for some reason..?
  8. Cheers, Where do you want the feedback ? Also do you want it after I'm done or you want to stay updated all time?
  9. Lol reading these comments is pretty insane. I was doing trawlers for +5h/day to get that outfit and never got banned because of it (Also I'm already flagged once, mod bot busting). So this "insta ban" is pretty invalid, maybe due the fact that the account total lvl is +1650.
  10. Could you auth me ? EDIT: My bad. EDIT EDIT: Nvm, don't know if I actually need special privilages or not ?
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