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  1. Can you clarify the 'deconstruct it yourself' part? Do you mean that the .dat file format needs to be deconstructed? Or that I have to deob the client to get what I want? Also I assume once I press "Run" on the client starter, that is it... as in I can't edit the .dat file after it without stopping everything and running it again? My guess is Tribot doesn't keep polling the .dat file and updating as needed, which means this method would still unfortunately not work for me, though if it did do this I would be pleasantly surprised.
  2. I wasn't clear in my post so to clear up the confusion: zero clicking is a necessary condition, the only acceptable one would be starting an external program that manages everything. The .dat file for the client starter would need to be dynamically generated and loaded as needed, so unless Tribot supports the data changing on the fly and it's just not "loaded into memory and that's it" then the client starter is not sufficient. Does it support the dynamic nature mentioned above? I can't see it
  3. Is there a way to run a tribot instance and have it set various things? All I need is: 1) Start an new tribot process with a proxy 2) Have a pre-set script start executing with a specific account when everything is loaded Are the above two possible? I was hoping I could grab some flags with jps but looks like I'd need to go deeper than this. Those values for the loader have to be communicated in some way... Something like in this thread would be nice, however I really don't want to have to go digging around obfuscated code just to fire off a few mouse clicks. It might even be less work for me to just create mouse clicks to press the button with something like Simba/java.awt.Robot/whatever. Plus if I started messing around with the jar, it'd just break in updates... brittleness of this method isn't acceptable for me. Do I have any options? It's been almost 3/4ths of a year since that was posted and adding automation support should not be that hard. Am I missing something or is there some API I can call to do this?
  4. Rofl I actually did something like that back in 2003 or 2004 to do high alching, somehow did not get banned either... I was really special back then or something.
  5. Going to a university that hammers very heavily on theory has opened up some pretty cool fields and allowed me to get some good connections. All the really neat things require math and reading the literature (IMO). Also having a CS degree allowed me to do work in some neat areas and I'm currently getting paid some nice money as a result. My future is pretty stable because of all of this. I would not hesitate to do a CS degree at a top university if I had to do life over again.
  6. I had issues this morning and my script sent me a dialog popup window saying the bot is out of date and to wait for some kind of update, which came from the script itself that I am running. However I ran it again a few hours later and it's working fine now.
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