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  1. Do you plan on adding more features to this script? Just off the top of my head: things like house pools, house alters, fairy ring travel (I'm not sure if it's faster than house tabs), special attack weapons, script args, prayer support, range safe spots, and a better gui. I can probably think of more. For the price, this script is lacking in features. I do appreciate the on-the-fly profit calculator though. Unlike some people *cough cough* @Worthy Zulrah.
  2. Rogues Den

    By my calculations 33.645% edit: repeating of course...
  3. What's the best indicator of actual profit made? Adjusted profit, expected profit, or average profit? I've been going off of average profit, but it's not so clear.
  4. Might it be worth it to opt into using the preserve prayer for imbued heart magic boost / range pot boost?
  5. [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Just started using your script. It's great so far. Just a few recommendations for your roadmap: Support magic pots (they're dirt cheap and they increase the hits of a trident) Similar to the last: Imbued hearts (free outside of the cost of the heart itself and it increases the hits significantly - should support both as the mage bonus from the heart decreases) Range pots. I don't see why not if you support super combat pots. If possible, minimize ABCL delays inside the tunnel when you still have prayer. If the get kc option is checked, prefer getting it on the lower level mobs if you come across them. Make sure there's enough room in the inventory when looting the chest Use the best available prayer if you have the prayer points while ranging or meleeing Add support for the top tier pool Dragon battleaxe spec before using the pool + super attack pots would be cool Next level shit: Dragon battleaxe spec > restore spec with pool > equip ancient mace, spec dummy for max prayer points > restore spec with pool > drink super attack Add support for special attacks.
  6. [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Approximate average profit/hr and/or chests/hr for an account with 90+ range/magic? Currently doing Zulrah, I doubt it's as profitable, but maybe it's worth checking out? Also, does it support house pools?
  7. Could you add the option to automatically generate a report anytime the script is stopped?
  8. Any suggestions on how to parse .rep file to json or another format that's easier to work with programmatically? I suppose I could just find the data I need via regex, butt fuck regex
  9. Do you have any resources that breaks down the meaning of the data in the .rep files further?
  10. This new Forum Theme give me man flu

    It looks fine. Quit bitching
  11. Are the ban rates fairly consistent? If so, what are they roughly?
  12. Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Nice man! Glad to see a farming script.
  13. True. Thanks @tri Is there or will there be a way to add custom paths for banking for example? The tribot webwalker fails to open a gate at jatizso ice trolls. I've been having to manually bank.
  14. [08:37:38] java.lang.NullPointerException [08:37:38] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.run(AIOABCL2.java:2528) [08:37:38] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [08:37:38] Runtime: 00 H 00 M 00 S [08:37:38] Total xp gained: 0 [08:37:39] Dynamic signature data successully sent, to view your dynamic signature go to: [08:37:39] http://www.tri-scripts.com/Signatures/AIO/yganni.png [08:37:39] Script Ended: Tri AIO Combat & Magic. Script ends immediately after starting it.