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  1. Would be cool to see an implementation of progression logic. i.e (if def >= 40) switch training spots, equip a new new item(s), switch spell, end script, load and move to a new spot / profile, etc...
  2. Still in need of a beta tester? I currently have a method of replacing 66 magic accounts consistently and plan on starting an air orb farm.
  3. Please consider implementing script arguments. This script is exactly what I need minus script arguments. Managing GUIs on 10+ accounts is a nightmare.
  4. Any chance you'll add script argument support to this script?
  5. Yes, it's a real new ip. And it's fine that it's doing that.
  6. Do you do any manual work at all? I need several accounts moved + a script ran on them that needs baby sitting.
  7. Considering the price difference, what makes your script a better value than alphasmither pro?
  8. Expanded the class example if anyone needs it. http://pastebin.com/89x1my6p
  9. I've gotten through 1/2 of this book and it's great. Java was my first language and at times this book gets a little confusing, but nothing I couldn't handle by just Googling.
  10. I need a quote for 40 mining + 100 golden nuggets at motherload mine. As well as another for the same thing plus full graceful (~67-70 agility) all done by hand.
  11. Would you mind adding me on skype? I have a few questions regarding blast furnace. I'll pm you my skype.
  12. Does anyone know the profit making rune bars while leeching?
  13. You should do like your miner and add ABC2 pop up on the screen when an antiban is being executed.
  14. why remove it? This thread could have been used for reference for somebody else with a similar question.