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  1. yeah my bots just get stuck on login bot, i am sure you are currently working on a solution
  2. Same here, gets stuck on login screen
  3. It gets stuck after break for 2 reason: 1- Gets stuck on the login screen(much rarer but probrably happens 2-It opens the world list before loging in and then it is not able to login anymore Thank you
  4. Not completely sure yet, but it sure seems like it, or something else is cause the script to stop after a break ends, and after 3 hours half of my instances were stopped, its actually worse in this state, will keep you posted On most instance stops it was minutes after the break ended, just like before, i dont know what is causing this crap this time [22:58:32] Break Handler: Break ended. [23:01:30] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script (1). Message: 0
  5. It seems the break handler problem is back since today, not this shit again, is there any way for me to use the previous version i dont want to deal with this broken crap again, thank you!!!! Example: [22:58:09] Break Handler: Break ended. [23:01:30] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script (1). Message: 0
  6. is that the dev release?
  7. This is a problem it affects some of my instances for sure
  8. Well the client just closes now after i open a couple tabs on the tribot client, it was not like this yesterday for sure, and no I am not using an 500mg heap size
  9. did that something is wrong with banking, sometimes it banks other times it gets stuck while looking at the "Bank chest" Not sure about the bank booths tho
  10. Dwarf task is bugged it gets to the spot kills 1-3 dwarves and then stops Edit: the combat area seems to be really small or it only attacks 1 type of dwarf, something is wrong here, the kill rate is extremely slow Edit2: so in the area there are 3 types of dwarves, lvl 10 dwarves, lvl 11 dwarves and lvl 24 black guards, it only attacks the lvl 10 dwarves in a very small area, so i think thats it Edit3: Important! there is a area of lvl 7 dwarves just right next to the area you are using this would solve the problem please take a look, thanks
  11. Thank you, i will keep you posted on any issues i find on my side, lets make this stable before premium release
  12. I am not angry or blaming you, the script probably got there stuck for a few hours on the mine door, that causes any bot to get banned(because i forgot the script running), so a timeout would be a another safeguard against this situations, or after a update when the client code gets broken and weird things happen, i mean most times i had bots stuck clicking on doors or just standing therefor hours doing weird stuff they got picked up the very next day, this is a beta its normal stuff like this will happen
  13. I swapped to the normal client and i am just getting too many issues which i only detected after i bought the script, maybe its just me, unfortunately i would life a refund for now, i will wait for the next free trial to take a look at the script state see if anything has changed, thank you
  14. For the crawlers it did not withdraw the candle, and i have the rope attached to the entrance, even after i manually withdrew the candle it still would not do anything Edit: and btw add a 8 min timeout because the account i was testing got stuck on the scorpions task and got banned on Sunday, so thats auto detected, thanks
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