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  1. Dwarf task is bugged it gets to the spot kills 1-3 dwarves and then stops Edit: the combat area seems to be really small or it only attacks 1 type of dwarf, something is wrong here, the kill rate is extremely slow Edit2: so in the area there are 3 types of dwarves, lvl 10 dwarves, lvl 11 dwarves and lvl 24 black guards, it only attacks the lvl 10 dwarves in a very small area, so i think thats it Edit3: Important! there is a area of lvl 7 dwarves just right next to the area you are using this would solve the problem please take a look, thanks
  2. Thank you, i will keep you posted on any issues i find on my side, lets make this stable before premium release
  3. I am not angry or blaming you, the script probably got there stuck for a few hours on the mine door, that causes any bot to get banned(because i forgot the script running), so a timeout would be a another safeguard against this situations, or after a update when the client code gets broken and weird things happen, i mean most times i had bots stuck clicking on doors or just standing therefor hours doing weird stuff they got picked up the very next day, this is a beta its normal stuff like this will happen
  4. I swapped to the normal client and i am just getting too many issues which i only detected after i bought the script, maybe its just me, unfortunately i would life a refund for now, i will wait for the next free trial to take a look at the script state see if anything has changed, thank you
  5. For the crawlers it did not withdraw the candle, and i have the rope attached to the entrance, even after i manually withdrew the candle it still would not do anything Edit: and btw add a 8 min timeout because the account i was testing got stuck on the scorpions task and got banned on Sunday, so thats auto detected, thanks
  6. Dogs task, gets stuck on ardy after tele and does not find its way to the guard dogs...
  7. Got stock on the Castle wars bank on cave crawlers task and no i am not using dev release Edit: the script cant find a way into the lumb swamp caves, so i had to manually walk there not to the entrance of the cave, but had to make it all the way to the cave crawlers area and then it worked
  8. Gets stuck here with the mouse hovering over the door Edit: it got stuck there again, scorpion task is broken, resizable mode is the same result
  9. I am intesrested in this
  10. Hello @godspower33 i am here to report a couple bugs that are making the script very hard to use 1-The script does not restock ammo if you are using crossbow + bolts or shortbow + arrows 2-Sometimes the scripy gets stuck at the rev cave entrance while trying to "walking to lvl 30 wildy and bank" 3-When using craws bow when you die the script gets stuck on lumbridge trying to equip a Amulet of glory(4) when another is already equipped, i tried deleting hooks, restarting the client and removing the Amulet of glory(4) from the equipment setup the only way i found around it is not using Craws bow, and every time it fails to equip the Glory it worldhop because its "running from pkers" on Lumbridge bank 4-Sometimes the script gets stuck on edgeville doing "Antiban" until the script stops 5-Sometimes When trying to worldhop the script hovers the mouse over the world it intends to hop to but it does not hop and then dies 6-I cant use prayers because if i select a prayer on the prayer config it constantly turns the prayers on and off and it does not make any sense(could be connected to antiban) 7-When using salve amulet why teleport from edgeville bank to Clan wars when you are already on Edgeville bank? 8-When banking if you are not full hp the script forgets to withdraw the potions I need before coming back to rev cave in this case they are Ranging and Stamina potions, this causes the script to run out of run energy and either not get kills or die to pkers easily ----------------------------------------- Future Suggestions: 1- Option to loot rev ether/gold(good for low lvls that kill a lot of low level revs, it stacks up over time for sure) 2-Option to not use bracelet of ethereum(useful for killing low level revs and lower the risk) 3-Option to attack ramdom player on the rev cave to get skulled(very useful in combination with the option to not use the Bracelet of ethereum and with virtually no equipment, on low level revs) 4-Trident of the seas/Swamp support, its the magic equivalent of the blowpipe Thank you and have a nice day
  11. @daxmagexHello I hope you are doing fine, have you ever considered in adding proper support for the infamous Catacombs of Kourend, where there are tons of slayer monsters, it is a very important cave to add support to it opens up a lot of options, for everyone that uses your walker and possibly more customers Well i wish you all a nice day
  12. ha lol But well, fishing contest and rfd cook and dwarf are super important for nmz, a requirement to be relistic
  13. Dude what i am asking are short quests with low req and are pretty reasonable to be added in a script like this, and you meant me2(mourner's end 2) not mm2
  14. No it is not Also i would like to request for you to add Fishing contest, RFD Cook, and Dwarf subquests, those are important for nmz thank you!
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