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  1. Hello I would like to inform that the bot gets stuck on Veos while talking to him on ghosts task(because it cant choose where to go), the bot went to Veos because my character has never been in Koreand. The bot also gets struck when talking to a Slayer master for the first time. Solution: add instructions on the thread to go to Koreand, and to talk to a slayer master, before starting the script(for now) Edit: also gets stuck while trying to cross the Shantay pass when the option to not show the Warning message anymore, appears on the south left corner and does not know how to deal with it Edit2: "Could not find a light source item", when there is a lit Bullseye lantern in the inventory... The script sometimes forgets to get the lantern before going on the Lumbridge swamp dungeon Edit3: Could not find item in bank(Spiny helmet), when it was withdraw and is currently equipped Please take a look and, Thank you and have a nice day
  2. That happens in all of Natan's scripts, restarting the client will solve this, i tried deleteing hooks once didnt solve it
  3. Hello @godspower33 does this script support prayer?
  4. Hello @Optimus, i found some bugs Bug 1: So if i am looting the same ammo that i am using and my inventory is full and i am trying to loose, instead of equipping said ammo, it just gets stuck. Another situation where this is a problem is when the bot accidentally loots the ammo i am using so it just gets stuck on the spot while "looting" instead of equipping the ammo and leaving Bug 2: So when for example i am doing hill giants on task, i have the script to withdraw the item "Brass key" from the bank after depositing loot, and sometimes it does not withdraw the key and then it gets stuck on the door on the way to the hill giants . Bug 3: If i am using Iron darts for example and i am fighting even when i do not have the option to "loot in combat" active the script loots every single dart after every throw(it was on chaos druids), but after i turned off "Loots items worth over 450" option it stopped picking up the darts, but what is confusing is that the darts are only worth 10-15 a piece and it was picking up the darts one by one(as i said after every throw), and then this would lead for the "Bug 1" to happen once the inventory got full with items Bug 4: If there are multiple different items on the inventory even if there are not any items of the "items to bring" tab it just deposits them one by one(botlike) instead of using the option "deposit Inventory", taking a lot of time to bank Bug 5: if a item for example "Chaos rune" is on the loot list and on the "bring item" list it gets stuck on the bank it first withdraws and then deposits in a loop, maybe we should stop the bot right away with a print message item "chaos rune" cannot be on the "loot list" and "bring item" list at the same time, or the script should not try to deposit that item, because its needed in the inventory Bug 6/Suggestion?: the script seems to have problems "Switching equipment", i use a lot of tabs and its on low fps(probably 7) what i assume that happens is that the script only tries to equip the equipment once, would be great if the script could try several times to make sure the equipment is switched ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestion 1: This could lead to make item swaps much less messier when you are not at cows or crabs. When in the Progressive tab and the script does not find the "Switch Equipment" in the inventory it should try to go to bank and look for the item, if that item is in the bank it should withdraw that item and equip it, if not, either stop the bot or just ignore that equipment until you either reach another stop condition or the client decides not to let you login after a break Suggestion 2: Add the option to withdraw an item in noted form(for high aching) Suggestion 3: Could make "items to bring" less messy in some situations: Add the option to "withdraw all" of an item and do not stop the bot until you run out of that item in the inventory(makes things easier for us) Suggestion 4: Add a webwalker to the lumbridge dungeon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope if @Optimus can take a look a these and see what can be done about it Thanks
  5. Where is "there"? Any debug? No For cave slimes, does moving the bot manually cause it to fix itself? Yes
  6. When it needs a shantay pass and does not withdraw it, just stands there, also when trying to kill cave slimes it does not even go to the actual area where they are and just stands 40 squares south of the area, until I either move the bot manually or until the bot is stopped Thanks for the tip
  7. Hello @Optimus I would like to report a bug: the scripts gets stuck on "looting" with full inventory and because of that it wont teleport back to bank at chaos druids, its happening since yesterday(before update), or it simply keeps attacking monsters and yes i have the option to bank when the inventory is full. This also happens when i am using multiple tabs on tribot and where the problem is occurring is not the first tab of the client Please take a look this is script breaking thanks
  8. Hello, i would like to tell you that the pathing is doing great, and the killing part is doing very well awell, now the time for some suggestions: 1-Combat potion support 2-Cannon support 3- Fenkenstrain's Castle Teleport and other teleports of the same kind 4-Choose the food you want to use Bug report: 1- bot has problems finding Cave Slimes(gets stuck at cave entrance, happened twice so far) 2-Bot sometimes does not withdraw shantay pass from the bank to use it Also what teleports do you recommend to have in the inventory at all times? thank you
  9. Yes it is lag related, when you are with low fps instead of dropping everything it drags one of the fish on top of another and then messes up the whole shift dropping section, would be cool if we could control the speed at which the script drops which would solve this problem, otherwise its ok
  10. Hello @warfront1, so while running any abyss rune, the script gets stuck on "Login bot started" after roughly 3 hours (and yes i deleted hooks.dat), another person seems to have the same problem, and i do not see anything else on the Bot/client debug at the hour that the script got stuck on "Login bot started" This always happens, after roughly 3 hours and it is very inconvenient, it would be very appreciated if you could take a look thank you and have a nice day
  11. Thanks for the response, well im too low magic and defence i will train combat a little bit more and then try later, but in the UI the emergency teleport implies that it teleports at X hp, and not at % hp, and it often goes below that 25 that i set in the UI and it never teleports back(often goes down to 5 hp even) Thank you
  12. @warfront1 Hello, when the character is on low hp it goes to bank and gets stuck, what kinds of food does the script use? Also i never seen the script attempt to do the emergency teleport. Thank you and have a nice day
  13. Hello @Einstein I would like to report 2 bugs that i found that should be fixed 1- When the script is able to login again after a break(most of the times it wont), it goes to the closest bank to look for "equipment" when all the equipment is on the inventory 2-On draynor cooking range if your camera is blocking the range it just gets stuck there trying to click on the fish and then on the range(please fix this because if my camera is not on the right angle some accounts could get stuck there and then banned) 3-When going to a bank(draynor for example) and you have the inventory full and need more equipment that is not on the inventory (when changing locations) it does not try to deposit the fish but instead it tries to withdraw the equipment getting stuck on the bank on a loop Thank you and have a nice day
  14. @Naton This script is looking really good, but i do have a request that i am not sure if its worth your time, i would like your script to high alch while in combat with the crabs(for much faster mage xp), please consider this option on this script because it is already pretty good, i dont think there is much left to possibly add besides high alch on a Crab killer script Keep up the good work, and Thank You in advance