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  1. script just closes a few seconds after opening, it also cloes the tribot client, its broken fix it please
  2. 9055394

    Trilex you are getting there

    You actually managed to get the client to restart when a update happens, but when it does it just gets locked and i am unable to start, pause and stop a script which makes it useless for now, but you are getting there still if you manage to fix this issue it will make tribot way easier to use after updates thank you
  3. 9055394

    Looking For A Working Mort Myre Fungus Script

    interested aswell
  4. 9055394

    TRiBot Release 9.311_2

    thank you once again.
  5. 9055394

    Tribot Down [Thursday, May 10th]

    I really appreciate your effort, your fix made some of my script work
  6. 9055394

    Tribot Down [Thursday, May 10th]

    clicking on bank booths do not work and web-walker seems to be damaged because my bots gets stuck on everything
  7. well your script has a problem in which it closes right away after it opens the config window (ive to do the configs really fast before it closes or cant use the script)
  8. 9055394

    Deleting hooks.dat isn't fixing my issue

    i had the same problem, i deleted hooks (didnt solve the problem), but restarting the client solved the problem
  9. 9055394

    TRiBot Release 9.310_0

    good job on fast update, most scripts are now working properly, i dont know if some scripts are still broken since last update
  10. 9055394

    Auto Woodcutter

  11. Same problem here aswell
  12. 9055394

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    @erickho123 hello there is a problem when you try to Send parcel is karamja sometimes it gets stuck on it and wont close the window, please take a look , thank you Its no longer getting stuck there
  13. 9055394

    TRiBot Release 9.308_6

    hopper is working, good job