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  1. [ABCL] Lunar Flax Spinner [Money Making]

    wtf wrong script, brainfart, idk why i assummed this was superglass make, sry to waste your time
  2. Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    Does tribot use the data collected on the "Mouse data collector" that i just recorded or do i need to send it to you guys first to get my own clicks?
  3. [ABCL] Lunar Flax Spinner [Money Making]

    thank you for the reply, would it be an easy implementation?
  4. Automatic OSRS client reload

    no it does not, its must get fixed
  5. We need this script
  6. [ABCL] Lunar Flax Spinner [Money Making]

    @wastedbro Hello, Does it support giant seaweed?
  7. New to the Scene

    specially on f2p, p2p idk now, bottting is fucked, until the new generation of bots come
  8. 10m day (osrs)

    now its insta ban on all accs
  9. thank you very much, i didnt expect to get a reply there, i will experiment with different breaks until i get the best result, i know that that style does not work on f2p atleast for mining because nothing works for mining on f2p, but on p2p its a different story
  10. Does the break handler work properly with settings like this?: 1 hour 15 mins break 1 hour and30 mins break 1 hour 5 mins break 20 mins 1 hour and 15 minutes break 10 mins ----------------------- I used settings like this and it used to get it all messed up
  11. I would like to inmform you that with me the script does not change stances when i follow the instructions on this guide: Q: How do I use attack style index's in the training manger? A: Basically your 'attack style index' is the position of the attack style you want to use on the combat tab. E.g with a magic shortbow: Accurate has an attack style index of 1 Rapid has an attack style index of 2 Longrange has an attack style index of 3. Note: For this part of the training manager to work, you must set up your weapon on the first page of the gui And then it keeps going and it never logs out or does anything(this also happened with a client with a single tab), is it a bug or something, did i do something wrong, my instructions were clear...
  12. GLORY DAY BOTTING [How can we return]

    The botting scene has changed since mid january of this year, massive improvements needs to be done, otherwise botting is dead
  13. Reload Client after RS does a update?

    does not work on 2018
  14. adding this and addressing the increased numbers of Jmods going around in the game since mid january would be a blast