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  1. Bot is pretty fucked up right now. I’m choosing to upgrade pickaxe and it goes to bank to get bronze pick??? I’m level 25 now...
  2. Now it's ending the script when I'm using break handler. After 5 minutes no gaining xp, it's ending it. It says java.lang.ArithmeticException: No XP gained in 5 minutes, turning off script. at scripts.d.r.r.p.K.(NoXpGainExecutor.java:12)
  3. When I’m doing lavas it does missclicks sometimes when it’s trying to teleport to castle wars to bank. It clicks price checker and doesn’t do anything after that, not trying to click ”x”. When its been stuck for 5 minutes it logs out and script ends. Its not re-running the script.
  4. I am not sure how this stamina/energy pot support works on this script usually but for me it is not doing it. I have staminas in the bank.
  5. no no, sorry, I didn't know its working only with fixed! Sorry about that, it's working very well. Great job!
  6. It's not moving after it takes logs from the bank, just keeps clicking spellbook on and off.
  7. Is this working atm? There was update in game today.
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