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  1. Rested Tutorial-complete accounts with 7-Days-Membership for only 1$ !! Who is this service for? Everyone Gold farmers can get membership on their bots for 1$ instead of buying a ~3.5M 4.5M Bond Prices: 1-4 Accounts ---> 1.10$/1.85m ea 5-19 Accounts ---> 1.05$/1.75m ea 20-49 Accounts ---> 1.00$/1.65m ea 50> Accounts ---> PM for a deal Psst... Found a better price? Tell us and we will beat it Contact me: PM on Tribot Discord: Lawjestaw#5137 Notes: You can provide your own accounts and get the membership on them, for 0.10$ off the prices above Long-term customers get loyalty-discount 8th/July OSGP Rate = 0.58$/m Vouches :
  2. Man!! I just noticed this, Thank you so much hahaha, you just made my day Its funny how I needed it to try his scripts, such a good lad
  3. Hey guys I need your help I need 1 credit and I would be able to pay 2M
  4. Hello dear community, I want to buy residential proxies that work with Tribot, if you got any or know someone that does. Please comment on this post OR Pm me here / skype: [email protected]
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