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  1. Thanks for 55-70 agility! Great service, done in good time too! 

  2. Twinky

    stuck on logging in?

    I have had this issue before so it isn't just you. As for a solution for it i'm not exactly sure I hope someone else can shed some light on this for you. In my personal cases it only happens sometimes.
  3. Professional Service, very prompt, well priced and super quick! Cheers Man!

  4. Twinky

    You're all going to get banned

    Highly unlikely, but i have been running my bots on other clients while tribot is down.
  5. Twinky

    Security Check on tribot login?

    The security check is legit. It's a google captcha, as for the 'login details' thats a HTML/Cloudflare error. It seems like Cloudflare is rejecting your connection. I myself do not know much about this so a more experienced person with cloudflare will need to reply.
  6. Twinky

    tribot is detected

    Ah okay, Well i'm open to anyones thoughts on this I was just giving my personal findings while I botted.
  7. Twinky

    tribot is detected

    Jagex doesn't ban IP's correct. But it is almost undeniable that they use IP's to ban future accounts associated with Flagged IP's. Edit: This is my personal opinion and something i've experienced myself multiple times, it's also the reason Proxies are so big in the botting community.
  8. Twinky

    Looking glass

    I personally don't use LG. If I did I wouldn't use proxies.
  9. Only @TRiLeZ will be able to help you. Please wait for him to respond.
  10. Twinky

    Buyinh Credits With Paypal Need Help

    I believe you need a verified PayPal to purchase credits.
  11. Twinky

    Cheapest and most reliable SOCKS5 Proxy ?

    @Liam. by far has the cheapest most reliable proxies. I'd never use anyone other than him.
  12. Twinky

    Used only premium scripts, they still knew?

    People won't share methods on avoiding bans. Sorry for your loss. In the future please keep ban discussion here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/34851-the-official-banned-thread-all-ban-discussion-goes-here/
  13. Twinky

    Pin fail

    Try changing your paint delay.
  14. Twinky

    Overpaid bitcoin amount

    Some insight, TRiLez is the only one who will be able to help you so you'll have to wait for him. @Usa could forward it to TRiLez so the process goes quicker. Allow TRiLeZ sometime before he replies. He's a busy person.