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  1. Hello and welcome to my one stop linux vps shop. This will be a post to conduct my sales and serve as a vouch thread. I offer the following: Operating system available - Centos - debian -ubuntu Why vps over the competitor? - I offer you safe and sound botting without being worried about having a flagged ip and losing your bot farm. - Vps hosting that isn't tailored to botters but private to a select few - fresh ip's that haven't been botted on - ip switches if you suspect you've been flagged. - equipment grade hardware - best specs for the price - 3 day money back guarantee if i can't fix your issue Packages available: Package one - 4m - 512 mb ram -1024mb burst ram - 40gb harddisk - 1tb bandwidth Package two - 7m - 1024 mb ram - 2048 mb burst ram - 80gb harddisk - 2tb bandwidth - 1 ipv4 Package three - 9m - 1536 mb ram - 3072mb burst ram - 100gb harddisk - 3tb bandwidth - 1 ipv4 Package four - 12m - 2048mb ram - 4096 mb burst ram - 120gb harddisk - 4tb bandwidth - 1 ipv4 Package five - 14m -3072mb ram - 6 mb burst ram - 160gb harddisk -5tb bandwidth - 2 ipv4 Package six - 16m - 4096 mb ram - 8192 mb burst ram - 180gb hard drive - 6tb bandwidth - 2 ipv4 - All packages comes with free installation if you require it. - All packages have a 2ghz+ processor Please add my skype in signature if interested. 3 day guarantee applies to any issues i can't fix for you. Terms of service: - i will not be held responsible for any bans, mutes, hacking on your runescape account. - no refunds unless approved by me. by purchasing from me you agree to the terms and conditions.
  2. Not sure what happened but its not typing out my message when selling. It was when i first started the bot.
  3. What's best setup? How many overloads, prayer pots or absorption potions do i bring? If i use pray pots how much money do i lose verse absorption potions?
  4. Botting with or without breaks isn't safe anymore. Jagex has updated their anti cheat software so virtually nothing slips past it. Because of bonds and god wars they have beefed up their system. I'm guessing they ban you based on comparing your playing patterns to a normal players pattern. I think best solution right now is to stop wasting money on membership and let it cool down until 07 dies out a little because of the lack of bots.
  5. Very nice. You made it easy to understand .
  6. misclicks on raw fish too. Like 3 - 4 times
  7. Tries to use food on range with door closed at catherby...