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  1. Not sure what happened but its not typing out my message when selling. It was when i first started the bot.
  2. What's best setup? How many overloads, prayer pots or absorption potions do i bring? If i use pray pots how much money do i lose verse absorption potions?
  3. Very nice. You made it easy to understand .
  4. misclicks on raw fish too. Like 3 - 4 times
  5. Tries to use food on range with door closed at catherby...
  6. Damn rs updates are annoying
  7. Ideal stats:60 50 40 if u do lost city and get the woodcutting, crafting requirement or 70 50 40 with whip. Gear is rune chain, leg, str ammy, shield, whip/d long/rune scim