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  1. I purchased VIP twice to try and it took the credits but did not give my VIP but both times took the credits? Can anyone help with this?
  2. As the title says, i would like to transfer my vip, from this account to another account? Is this a possibility? Thanks.
  3. yay we needed this!
  4. Read my Pm please? Thanks

  5. Has the lobster id updated becuase it sais there is no supplies?
  6. I run Texans Ogre Obliterator will not run anymore?
  7. One issue there was a game update today and now this bot just keeps stopping?
  8. Welcome to the hood
  9. http://gyazo.com/ad9a1e5f453f95a2f01d8acd5e7f1636
  10. also it seems to be working now, but the time ran doesnt change... everything else does :/
  11. Just a question about this script, I haven't been able to run it past two hours, It gained me two rune defenders but It just logged out whenever there was a random event, I am running the $5 version and would be requesting a refund please? If not can you please try and sort out my issues as this has potential to be the best script on the whole of TriBot Thanks.
  12. Isnt there only a lite version? and also I didnt use it last night and today it has begin to run again now, so im not sure what was up :/ + i am vip if thats what you mean?
  13. some reason this script loads and then the box to input info never comes up?