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  1. Fatal Client Bug 2/1/2018 [solved]

    Good to hear, thanks.
  2. Removed.

    Thanks for the reply, will test out!
  3. Removed.

  4. Removed.

    Hey I'm so sorry. Didn't get a notification for this message. Yes printing is fine also!
  5. Removed.

    Will do! Thanks. As soon as all names have been added, the script can end. Then once I'm done with the names, I'll remove the names. Repeat the process etc, thanks.
  6. Removed.

    I'll only ever be a maximum of 100 DisplayNames. I'll manually remove them after finishing.
  7. Removed.

    Yeah basically I'll import / copy & paste or whatever a list of DisplayNames. It'll add them to the IgnoreList, and then the ones that have been changed to stay on the IgnoreList The ones without a "Previous Name" can be removed.
  8. Removed.

    Well i'm not going to say no to that
  9. Removed.

    I hope you're right
  10. Removed.

  11. Removed.

    Damn, this isn't what I wanted to hear :(. Thanks for your reply anyway, heavily appreciative.
  12. Removed.

    New price is 100 credits, come on guys :D.
  13. I feel like I should start botting.

    I've got a copious amount of accounts all with Membership, some are unbelievably high level for void etc, and I feel like I should be taking advantage of this - i'm just wondering lets say I have 15 accounts on 1 IP. But only 2 of those accounts are actually botting, will all accounts be banned if the *2 BOTS* are detected? Thanks.
  14. Removed.

    Removed. Removed. Removed.Removed.
  15. Removed.

    New price 50 credits, if this is "impossible" please tell me. Thanks!