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  1. Just had a few bots get banned off my ip a while ago and i stopped. Considering starting again but just wondering if its even worth it? Or will they just get banned straight away?
  2. Just after some help, newly got a vps to try my hand at botting. Bought vip on tribot but i keep running into this issue when i open it? Sorry for posting in here but it wouldnt let me post in client bugs. Also sorry for the shitty quality photo.
  3. would you have any idea what would be stopping my human movements from happening? apparently its not loading when i load it on the vps
  4. Virmach, went cheaper for the first time just to suss it all out
  5. i have a windows vps unfortunetly, do i just scrap it and go linux? any other things i should upgrade when going linux?
  6. Just went to the effort to rent a vps to bot on, but tribot doesnt seem to be opening when i have java installed. any ideas?
  7. my bad dude, pretty new to this. hope it helped
  8. its seem objects are fine. but npcs are bugged
  9. ah all good. thought there was already a update, thanks for the info. guess im off woodcutting
  10. yea same here, any idea when a fix will be out? none of my bots are working on npcs
  11. Trying to start my bots up but every npc is still coming up null. Can anyone help at all?
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