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  1. Hey, I personally used to to use the fuck out of this script, it used to be incredible. But now the bans are coming so fast and hard, and the rewrite is delayed making the bans inevitable. If i were you and you care about your account, I would wait for the rewrite to help ensure your safety.
  2. Bought 9 credits, thanks!
  3. I use my mouse speed from 60-125, and I go from Varrock(30)-Falador(50) skipping Canifis altogether. And yes i do use falador all the way to 60, as thse accounts are level 3. Try looking into using some of the more custom antiban settings you are able to play around with on the GUi.
  4. Just saying, I have personally gotten 99 twice with this script, and i am currently working on my third. I run my bot for 8-12 hours per day, EVERY DAY, and I have yet to be banned. It takes about 45 days to get 99, and I run it every single day of that span. This is THE BEST script I have ever used, and I have got to say that aMiner is a close second as i am currently 86/99 mining as well.
  5. 9 hours in one day doing anything is kind of a FUCKLOAD, I wonder why you got banned?
  6. Pretty sure he's out of town for a bit
  7. There is a section to disable courses of your choosing on GUI under Autoleveling.
  8. aPlunderer is superb, has gotten me 21-70 multiple times
  9. On my way to my 2nd 99 agility from your script