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  1. Can you please add an option to just mage all the way? If so how long till its implemented
  2. I cant use any proxy

    Proxy works fine on my vps but doesnt work on my pc :L
  3. I cant use any proxy

    Where is that so i can try i put in the same credentials that i gave to my friends who tried and worked for them but not for me
  4. I cant use any proxy

    Yes i do everything but not sure what you mean by verify your ip
  5. I cant use any proxy

    Everytime i use a proxy, it doesnt connect. All my friends try it and it works for them except for me. Anyone has any idea what could be wrong
  6. @Worthy Lets say i want to only mage zulrah, can i just bring a cross bow with no bolts or something? that will allow it to not attack zulrah while its on range form and when its time to mage again it will mage
  7. managed to get the withdrawing to work but now its stuck at buying game and not moving from bank
  8. I set the rock cake and absorpotion potions ID's but the script wont withdraw it bank bank
  9. is it worth using zulrah tabs if im only doin 1 kill per trip? and also im only 52 agility
  10. So i just started botting zulrah recently and its been going really well for me and i was just wondering any tips on how to make fast zulrah ready accounts so i can bot more than 1 account at a time
  11. TRiBot Release 9.305_10

    are client fixed after update? my zulrah bot just stands there and doesnt attack
  12. need help auto logging in after breaks

    and also while im asking questions here if you dont mind, am i able to change my tribot acc name?
  13. need help auto logging in after breaks

    yes, im using looking glass and i have everything disabled on osbuddy settings but when its time for my acc to log back in it just gets stuck on loading screen
  14. need help auto logging in after breaks

    So for some reason my account doesnt auto log back in after the break is over, ive added my acc info and also clicked on my acc name before setting up the bot but for some reason it doesnt auto log me back in and it says "un-handled" login message please help