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  1. 100% osrs since the in-game gold is worth like x6 times the RS3 gold in real life. But since you use free scripts, you're screwed either way. If you ask me... Free scripts = Suicide ONLY accounts.
  2. Auto woodcutter now destroyed and I needed this weekend to farm the logs before getting banned on Monday.. Edit: Wtf? All my Tribot clients changed the casual "Static screen size" to "Expanded size", why did that happen?
  3. How many bots are you planning on running? Or are you only botting on your main? edit: If you plan on running like 15+ bots, then consider increasing the RAM
  4. You create the accounts first, add them to the Tribot account manager and start the Extutorial script. The script doesn't require any kind of set-up, all you do press 'Start Script' - 'ExTutorial' - 'Choose your account so the script can log you in and relog you if something happens' - 'Start'. I have used that particular script multiple times, works great.
  5. Why are people complaining on this script? I want to buy it for life for $14, but I'm skeptic now. Can someone confirm if this works solid for hours?
  6. Jagex please leave
  7. Bought VIP yesterday and boom, RS update. God damn. At least I didn't buy scripts right away though.
  8. I'm super new to this and just bought VIP. But if I have 3 accounts and want to use 3 tabs instead of using 3 different tribot launchers. Can I just increase it to 768 heap size to run all 3 tabs without problems? I have a high end computer so I don't personally see any issues coming up from my end. But I'm just wondering if there's some stability issues if you use several tabs of bots but has enough ram to support them.
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