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  1. this script has a problem with eating food and drinking potions most of the time, it constantly goes to the music tab and tries to eat and drink potions from there as if its on the inventory tab. it does it every time and I have to manually switch tabs and sometimes it does it over and over and sometimes it wont do it again. I cannot get this script to work I have to worry about it every damn minute.
  2. can you open script for sale please, I'm about $30 in and have not been able to bot combat successfully your script seems to be the best

  3. would like to purchase script as other 2 I have bought suck ass!!! please re open!!!
  4. Does this script still work? ive been trying to use it and it for some reason it just cant make its way to fire giants. I start at bank and gets out everything I need in invy and teleports to barb outpost but from here it just can seem to make it fire giants it cant even make it to the raft
  5. the script is having a problem drinking potions it always ends up on the soundtrack tap and constantly clicking on where a potion would be in the invy. its also having a problem eating food sometimes. I bought this script because it was suppose to be awesome and I cant even get it to bot successfully for any longer then 10-20mins
  6. fire giant script cant even make its way to the fire giants to train on them.  I'm doing the 2 hour trial before buying and so far its shit

    1. Burn620


      script cant make its way to the dungeon.

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