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  1. tyvm that worked perfectly....love your script so far man been using it for over a week with 12hrs a day easy...
  2. was working great over past couple of days now the script just gets stuck at initializing whenever i start it up?? any help please
  3. awesome thanks for the response looks like everything is running properly on my end.
  4. my apologies if my wording wasnt written well but i DONOT want to proxy through my main my concern was if i was running bots on proxies through looking glass through osbuddy that it would put my main at risk if i played while the bots were running? thank you for the response
  5. hello,im using the free nmz bot on the repository with looking glass plus a proxy from fish. im using osbuddy as the client to bot on everything seems to be running fine over the past few days.However i would like to play on my main and my question is am i safe to play my main on the same pc im botting on? via proxy even tho the osbuddy isn't on the proxy until the account is logged in ?(correct me if im wrong about how tribot forces the proxie on osbuddy) i attempted to use proxifier to force osbuddy to start up and load on the same proxy as the account will be logged into from but i can only get success with osbuddy64bit for some reason proxifier does not want to force the java apps to go onto the proxy. any advice or comments are much appreciated sorry for the grammar....
  6. been running for 6 hours today so far so good. only thing ive noticed is sometimes when you reload the settings you saved it the bot does not do it and you just have to uncheck and recheck the box and then it will work properly...had one time where it ate to much rockcake and couldnt use overloads and had to reset but other than that its going really good
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