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  1. How much would I be looking at for one of the two
  2. Hey there does it also rock cake ive got a pure and main id love to do it on but when i have rockcake set it doesnt eat down i dont think somethings not right so confusing cause of all the other stuff in gui
  3. Yeah If only i wasnt poorer then any cunt i know... How much is it roughly for a decent computer to run 20ish bots? Like 2 grand aye ://
  4. You sure you're logging into the same account thats vip on forums
  5. Ahh thats pre fkn ez thanks man definitely getting into this
  6. Mad bloke How hard are all requirements to get much questing?
  7. Bruh is there even still ftp thinks that make 200k an hour even
  8. Anyone know how to make there own webwalking thing Would anyone be able to tell me how to do it Am i basically able to make my own complete fighting bot on anything like rebanking and all and running back to that spot and rebanking back to the spot etc
  9. Whats the ban rate like for this Like the looks of it big time
  10. Hence why i asked for their old ones for idea Wasnt even gonna use em just needed basic ideas Chur but brother Plenty help but youre not getting comment of the day
  11. Sounds really sarcastic hahah But ill pm you cause i am horrid at scripting aye
  12. I dont mind the last option in all honesty all seriousness but i reckon ban rate would be through the roof wouldnt it That low requirements 200k hour screams bans to mee but i know shit all
  13. Im actually not sure I think youd have to stop the bot and change it to a different item Ill help ya a bit but Save your item youre alching as the name of the script where you load and save in the gui And name say rune plateskirt alch is saved so whenever youre alching them click load hit start then stop it when you wanna do say yew longbows and if you had it saved for a yew long bow one youd go yew longbow load click run and itll alch yew longbows I havent used it to alch but if its basing it off which items thats probably your best bet
  14. Nah i really am intrigued on this method This is gonna change my goldfarming career completely I reallly cannot thankyou enough for bringing this absolute genius script would i be able to buy unlimited auths $500??
  15. Nah i thought so I was getting banned like nuts at first but ive managed to get 80 str gmauler from it succesfully by manually doing a bit manually just to make it seem legit af And a fair bit of succession getting a bit higher as a main but gotbanned from using a dead script i think But yeah sweet bro Do many people survive botting high level accounts heaps Like ive never got to do it on higher levels does it decrease ban rate like graceful and stuff is meant to
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