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  1. same problems [01:55:49] at scripts.dezorbs.h.r.M(Seeding.java:23) [01:55:49] at scripts.dezorbs.e.g.X(Timer.java:56) [01:55:49] at scripts.dezorbs.e.g.g(Timer.java:35) [01:55:49] at scripts.dezorbs.e.g.<init>(Timer.java:31) [01:55:49] at scripts.dezorbs.e.p.<init>(Universals.java:24) [01:55:49] at scripts.dezorbs.Starter.M(Starter.java:21) [01:55:49] at scripts.dezorbs.Starter.run(Starter.java:28) [01:55:49] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [01:55:49] Script Ended: AIO Air Orb Crafter.
  2. [01:55:49] at scripts.dezorbs.h.r.M(Seeding.java:23)[01:55:49] at scripts.dezorbs.e.g.X(Timer.java:56)[01:55:49] at scripts.dezorbs.e.g.g(Timer.java:35)[01:55:49] at scripts.dezorbs.e.g.(Timer.java:31)[01:55:49] at scripts.dezorbs.e.p.(Universals.java:24)[01:55:49] at scripts.dezorbs.Starter.M(Starter.java:21)[01:55:49] at scripts.dezorbs.Starter.run(Starter.java:28)[01:55:49] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[01:55:49] Script Ended: AIO Air Orb Crafter.wont start this keeps happening
  3. @JoeDezzy1 I would like to buy a private script from you for water orbs
  4. @TRiLeZ Ty for access to the data, I dont think you took the last 6 .dat files I created for you please check my earlier post https://tribot.org/forums/topic/39131-human-mouse-project-data-collection/page-34#entry537409
  5. @TRiLeZ When are you going to process the next batches of human mouse data files? I finished 22 and am very eager to see the human mouse in action. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/39131-human-mouse-project-data-collection/page-34#entry537409 here are all of my data files. I had given u 16 on feb 2, now I added 6 more .dat files to the original post making 22 files total.
  6. Hello, I have been posting and sending messages to try to get access to the human mouse data. No one will respond to me though. Just a little frusturated since I put in the time to finish 22 .dat files. Please if anyone can help me get my human mouse data activated for my tribot account it would be much appreciated. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/39131-human-mouse-project-data-collection/page-34#entry537409 Here is the link to my 22 .dat files I just updated yesterday.
  7. Can I please get a response? I have finished 22 .dat files and I still have not received access to my data?
  8. I have finished 22 files of mouse clicks. May I have access now please? https://tribot.org/forums/topic/39131-human-mouse-project-data-collection/page-34#entry537409 here is the thread link to them all I have added 6 more to the previous 16
  9. Can I please get access to my human mouse data I created 16 data files and I believe you downloaded them.
  10. hey man i gave you mouse data can i get access to it yet?
  11. Xmouse_data-40693-1422912227238.dat I have completed 22 files, now may I please have access? Xmouse_data-40693-1422929141719.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1422929864795.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1422932451642.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1422934744925.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1422940110938.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1422941360911.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1422943819280.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1422946419426.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1422947356574.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1422948414175.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1422951975121.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1422952521147.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1422954338697.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1422955826645.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1422957084508.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1425358798262.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1425367751990.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1425369174808.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1425370121613.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1425372427842.dat Xmouse_data-40693-1425376742195.dat
  12. you need different ip addresses for each account or you are going to get banned in a day on all accounts
  13. @Tri just had a script loading error and it didnt show my scripts in the script file handler. Restarted the client and everything was back to normal.
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