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  1. Ide be willing to pay for a script that is cannon&pure friendly aswell!
  2. You sir, Just fixed my problem
  3. Bot randomly quits moving when gets to barbarian village.
  4. Im training a pure ranger and wanted to know if any 07 bots were cannon use friendly?
  5. Is there a way to make it where it will buy noted and unoted items at the same time? When I just put in the code for noted items it wont buy from people that have them normal
  6. Ive only been running this bot for about an hour but I can already say that I am beyond impressed! You sir will have a donation coming your way soon
  7. Does anyone have a link to an Item ID database? Also are noted items a different ID then unnoted items?
  8. Oops found the item id and it kicked right up nevermind! haha
  9. Okay so I entered everything in except the Item ID and press start and it just sits there and nothing happens :/ Help please?
  10. Used this script for 3 hours got nothing and started walking to the bank and found a red hahah
  11. Guys lets work together to make sure they dont crash, dont sell for these garbage prices!
  12. Been using the script for range, very nice so far with only two exceptions - It gets stuck everytime on ladder of second floor because it seems to left click on the warning before it goes down, and when it banks it keeps withdrawing then re depositing lobsters. Other than that not too bad if you fix those I would say its the best pure range script ive found!