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  1. @lets be friends but having a server would certainly help or motivate someone to bot im sure you would agree. V repetitive the negativity in the forums sometimes. Put that there so people will stop calling me a newfag. Any suggestions on scripts with arguments support and 0 requirements there are very few I can find! @Blastois3 It is supposed to be impressive, will you post your specs?don't know what a xeon is will ask sean, what do you think about the other specs? We hope to buy more soon! Any suggestions on scripts with argument supports or are you more interested in a regular argument?
  2. @lets be friends did you block it? Its in my signature, my server is named after this man
  3. Has anyone found a way to permanently disable firewall prompts? we are having a little issue with them! - Appreciate ya - Brian (not the soft one)
  4. @tomelis3211 will keep you updated, just bought auto fisher pro for 8 eu. it has a progressive mode but i don't want the hassle of muling gold to the for the first time. super frustrating. will run tonight and hopefully replace in the future with a progressive woodcutter or something easy! i really wanted to use cabbage picker v2! @theholyone thanks for the input really helpful! i have had it with you guys telling me to stop farming check my server stats and then post yours thanks. @soriks Will do thanks soriks we must have all forgot will read now we got account creation sorted too if your still having troubles we can let you know how - Brian
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for some money making scripts which support arguments. Any suggestions? Cheers, Seán (not Brian, the cock)
  6. Its the best one I've seen on tribot By far
  7. Hey guys So i just wanted to start this thread to inform people about mass account creation on tribot and to see if any solutions arise -Extutorial - Best script ever - Broken because it won't log accounts in after creation - still runs tutorial island perfectly - records info into a note pad file - No fix date from dev - Fluffees - New favorite - works amazingly - over writes last accounts info with new info *BUG* - Creator has said he will fix. does anyone have another script in mind that would enable mass account creation? i really don't want to have to migrate communities
  8. @soriks i saw your plea on the extutorial thread, you are completely right and i really hope it comes back. Tragic situation is there a way to suicide bot with this bug or will we have to wait for this to update?
  9. @soriks hmm alright, thanks for clearing that up we were pulling our hair out! I am having a little trouble finding that file, what is the path to get to it. do you know any way to get around this at the moment or is there another mass account script working at the moment?
  10. hey guys where is the account list stored is it like in extutorial with the notepad file saved in .tribot?
  11. Hello so i have chained fluffees tutorial with the noob leveler in my script queue but i want it to repeat infinitely. is this possible? or do i have to put the two scripts in a thousand times into the script queue. I am nervous about doing that as i think it might crash tribot if i am running 6 instances of this any suggestions are immensely appreciated !
  12. MC1923

    Got too confident

    Mithril man are these areas that don't have a lot of human traffic? dead content areas? or just randomly placed areas?
  13. MC1923

    Got too confident

    do you? how on earth your running looking glass and proxies, abcl10 what else am i missing?
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