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  1. imma be real with u bud im having a hard time understanding what ur saying but no problem i was just saying that openosrs is just another version of runelite but it was actually runelite+ that then turned into openosrs
  2. openosrs is runelite renamed, it is still runelite if you remember it
  3. lifetime auths were removed a while back
  4. you should most likely be fine if your main does not touch the botting ip of the pk account
  5. Thanks for this awesome new years gift man!
  6. Thanks for the reply, I'll see what I can do man.
  7. I know some Java currently and at the moment I am porting over a script from a different client and it has been going well, but I've run into some issues. Excuse the forum formatting for the code. Is there an easy way to see if the Inventory contains a String array of items? For example, I have an array with items I would be looting from the NPC and I would just need to deposit these items only. The code below is not fully ported, I just left it there because I got stuck. settings.setCurrentAction("Restocking"); if (api.getInventory().contains(settings.getLootItems())) { if (api.getBank().depositAll(settings.getLootItems())) { Timing.waitCondition(() -> !Inventory.contains(settings.getLootItems()), 10_000); } } else if (!Banking.withdraw(settings.getInventory())) { settings.setCurrentAction("Quiting script"); settings.setQuit(true); } else { settings.setShouldBank(false); } The goal here is to see if the inventory contains some defined loot items and then deposit only those. I tried to just do; Banking.depositAllExcept(String names)... with a few item names, but it says the method requires a boolean but finds an int. I would much rather have the item names instead of ids because of possible breaks. What is the easiest to see if the inventory contains one item? Something like; if Inventory.contains("Shark") { do x... Currently it is not available to do this and I am not smart enough to figure out a method to do so. Example; throws an error cause there is no .contains, and I am not sure what to put. private boolean needsBank() { return !Inventory.contains(i -> i.getName().contains("Super combat potion")) || !Inventory.contains(i -> i.getName().contains("Stamina potion")) || !Inventory.contains(i -> i.getName().contains("lantern")); } Is there a method to get run energy? Can't seem to find it.
  8. have had 7 deaths in 40 mins due to it not running away. it will go through attacking a revenant, antiban (disabled but the status stays i know that), and ensuring the world hopper is up
  9. Description of bug: not really a bug, just been having trouble running away from pkers. once under attack in the full cave it continues to attack other revenants and not try to escape LG (Yes/No): no Resize (Yes/no): no Pictures of gear equipped: snakeskin bandana/boots, black d'hide and bp Pictures of inventory: monkfish and some pots Pictures of screen and/or status: it will cycle through antiban and attacking whilst being under attack from pkers GUI settings (you can just list these or leave blank and I will ask about your settings when I contact you)
  10. noticed that if we tele out of the caves without looting it will get stuck after teleporting out, happened twice so far. restarting it fixed it!
  11. no, it would tele fine to GE then to Clan Wars, but i guess it was just skipping over the portal because we had prayer left
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