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  1. is there any place to download premade or shared profiles or do i gotta make them all from scratch?
  2. paints broken, and it wont stop trying to withdraw food when inv is already full
  3. Im not sure if its a coincidence but ive been botting about 5 accounts recently, no bans at all on any of them. week ago i put one account on TAU for about 3-4 hours and it got banned. Just yesterday, i put an account on tau, same thing. All my other accounts are fine, but im avoiding using TAU just in case. Not saying its detected, might just be bad luck, but does anyone have an idea if this is just pure bad luck or could there be something wrong?
  4. yesterday i was getting 10/12 kills an hour, now im getting like 4-5, also, it gets stuck at boat like every 3rd/4th return "waiting for run energy"
  5. yeah. I get it, i guess i dont really view this as trying to be competative, since im just working for myself, no interest in goldselling
  6. You got any times on items? im doing a mix too but cant seem to get much profit whatsoever
  7. great thanks! Any chance you can extend subs? ur scripts pretty expensive to have downtime on
  8. Seems to be just sitting in bank. Any ideas?
  9. isnt eating food it was for 1 hour then stopped.
  10. Even using default settings i get a message when trying to sell "null number or somethings messed up, check all info"
  11. Whats a good per hour mark? im using 29m and im getting 127k an hour