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  1. @Usa this scripter seems to not care about all the bugs with it might request a script lock
  2. can u get a refund for script? say within a day of purchasing it?
  3. ) GIF: Record a few second animated gif of the screen. Capture the entire TRiBot client, including RS screen. (show the Inventory), and Bot Debug. If you do not know how to record or create an animated gif, I recommend using the tools ShareX or Gyazo. I keep dying like how ive done over 6k zulrah kills fine but with this bot i cant even kill 1? 2) STACK TRACE: On the top of the TRiBot client menu, press Script > print Script Stack Trace. Do this 2-3 times. Towards the bottom of the client, right click on the Client Debug tab > Copy to clipboard. Send this to me by pasting (ctrl+v) your clipboard. Am i setting it up right? 3) GUI SETTINGS: Using ShareX or Gyazo take screenshots of all inputted settings used for the bot.
  4. when i load looking glass it just stays at this screen https://gyazo.com/c0e45ab8ca1821f37e272de1920d5920
  5. EDIT: i finally got it to work now it just checks trident charges and nothing else
  6. its not letting me grab current equitment im doing exactly what the video says
  7. whats ur client setup look like if i may ask? and do u only bot it 8 hours a day?
  8. Still doesnt open automatically. It wants to open with an app or something else still.
  9. Thank you, i downloaded the java se developement kit 112 for windows 84 bit hopefully thats it
  10. How do I download that? I googled it but nothing came up
  11. When I download tribot from the website my computer opens up "how would you like to open this" internet explore, notepad, etc. this has never happened to me before so I don't know what to do. Tha
  12. i am having trouble when i die it says it cant find a shield but i have the shields next to the glory then the bot just goes crazy and doesnt log off for hours
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