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  1. Animal magnetism - script gets stuck whilst collecting ectotokens. Went down to the basement and filled buckets with slime but just idles there. Had to manually collect bones and return to the ectofunctus for script to start up again
  2. @warfront1 encountered the issue with run energy turning off at ZMI again today. Checked debug and there's nothing there out of the ordinary Ran into another issue with auto retaliate being endlessly flicked on and off at script start a few times since my last post too (when its already turned on before script has started). Starting script with auto retaliate turned off fixes the problem. When it is enabled it flicks it on and off like mad until it reaches the ladder. Nothing in the debug about that either. Thanks.
  3. @warfront1 ZMI seems to have corrected itself now regarding stamina pots, haven't encountered the issue with run energy being off again so far. Thankyou for the response on lava runes
  4. Hey, script seems to be working ok but getting very slow xp per hour (lava running). Using a rune pouch with small med and large ess pouches, with lunars for npc contact and magic imbue Edit: ZMI is somewhat glitched, script runs out of run energy and doesnt turn run back on after potting/sometimes doesnt pot at all and just runs out. Any pointers, thanks
  5. Hey, will there ever be the option for the casual botter? 100 auths is a bit over the top for what I'm needing. Thanks ?
  6. @Worthy, [12:47:47] FINISH MSG: You must enable middle mouse wheel movement in Runescape Settings. May need to restart client. Checked ingame settings and have restarted as prompted but no joy. Thanks. Edit: error cleared.
  7. Looking to discuss this method with any reputable scripters. Drop me a PM, thanks. Fairly simple idea and shouldn't take long to make hopefully. Consists of running from a bank and trading specific items with another specified player, then tele'ing.
  8. This script is amazing, just bought my second subscription today. Worthy, the profit displayed on the signature, is that raw profit or total loot? Thanks.
  9. Having trouble setting up the script on Seers course. Keeps walking back to start upon failing/completion of run. Settings used are- Travelling tab - Use Teleports - "with runes" selected. In Behaviour > Seers rooftop: - Use seers teleport at the end of obstacles - Also use the teleport after failing.
  10. Just plugged this into a DPS calculator and it’s coming out much much lower. Would make kills undoubtedly longer ??
  11. Hi, can we get an update so for special attack it clicks the orb rather than going into the combat tab. Since the OSRS team made this update I doubt many legit players will spec attack the long way round anymore.
  12. Bot keeps dumping range gear back into the bank when script starts. Unsure why this happens.
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