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  1. Another issue I've been having at the fishing guild is that sometimes, when the bot clicks bank, my character will run backwards and get stuck behind the bank. It continues to try to bank but ends up getting stuck.
  2. Having the same issue @ the fishing guild. It'll run from whirlpools, go to the docks furthest from the bank and sit there.
  3. Yeah I'm having the same issue. Script just doesn't load.
  4. I've been running this at edgeville and for the most part it has been flawless. However, I have been having two issues with the bot. One is that after withdrawing food, the bot will just open and close the bank. Another is that after coming back from the druids, the bot will walk between the wilderness gate and one of the other gates heading towards the bank. This happens on every load. But I would definite buy this bot if these issues are fixed!
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