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  1. ryanlikesoreos

    Zip file

    Nevermind, i figured out, delved down deeper to find a video about the problem. Thanks again
  2. ryanlikesoreos

    Zip file

    I can't seem to find the "java" application to run it through. I knew I could use "open with" as an alternative i just don't know where to find the specific java app.
  3. ryanlikesoreos

    Error message for Mac

    Hey have you ever had an error with your client becoming a zip file and not executing by chance? i'm having that problem right now
  4. ryanlikesoreos

    Zip file

    I am playing on a mac and was using tribot yesterday, no problem at all. Tried to re-open the client today and it seems as if my computer recognizes it as a zip file and wont execute it as a java client. I have used programs to try to compress and extract to make it back into a proper .jar executable file, but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Any thoughts or help?
  5. ryanlikesoreos

    Error message for Mac

    I deleted my javaapplication file if you go to applications and use the search bar and search "javaa... it should come up, i deleted that and then installed java 8 SE update 144 rather than java 9. After that is when i deleted it out of downloads and it worked fine after re-opening.
  6. ryanlikesoreos

    Error message for Mac

    I had that same issue yesterday and what i did was simple just delete tribot and redownloaded it after i updated java. It worked fine after redownloading
  7. ryanlikesoreos

    TRiBot Release 9.305_11

    Hey, I'm not sure if im the only one having this problem, but when i try to open the downloaded file, all it does it extract. Is there anyway for it to open the client as it did before the update. (I have a mac)