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  1. @grantbradley32 Try this out:
  2. I Googled " Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javafx/fxml/Initializable" and found this solution:
  3. I've outlined the option in a blue box.
  4. @135boomop On the TRiBot loader, tick the box that says "Old-School" to load OSRS. Welcome to TRiBot.
  5. Run script in a different client, instead of a different tab.
  6. Animate theme is installed, scroll to bottom of forums and you can adjust theme.
  7. Welcome to TRiBot @AlannGardnerr You can run this tool to set your .jar file extensions to open with Java properly: https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html
  8. Here's the latest update on that:
  9. There's a few different reasons why this error may happen. Google "tribot error occurred during initialization of VM", and there will be multiple results with various solutions you can try out. In the future please use the correct bug report format, this way we have all the info we need to assist you best.
  10. Sorry this has happened to you. At the moment, only @TRiLeZ has control over the fraud check system. There is currently no process to get white-listed unfortunately.
  11. You can check out this article, as well as other Runescape botting guides at https://RSBotSpot.com If you'd like a video guide on how to setup proxies with TRiBot, we've got one here. If you're interested in purchasing proxies: Virmach, Proxy Fish, and Your Private Proxy are all excellent sources for SOCKS proxies. They have great connectivity, offer good support, and allow you to swap your proxies once per month. If you’re ready to get proxies and expand your farm, look no further! Note: We get commission for sales made through these links, which help keep RSBotSpot running. All About Proxies for Runescape Botting Proxies are considered a must have by most botting enthusiasts. Using proxies allows you to hide your IP address, and split your bots over multiple networks. Botters who use proxies report a decreased risk of chain bans when gold-farming. In this guide, I’ll cover everything you’ll need to start incorporating proxies into your botting routine. So, what’s a proxy? You can think of a proxy server as a remote computer with it’s own internet connection. When you use a proxy, you route your internet activity through the proxy’s connection, rather than your own. How does it work? Whenever you visit a website, you expose something called your IP address. An IP address is a unique number used to identify your internet connection. You can think of this like caller ID for telephones: whenever you “call” a website, they see the IP address you called from. When you use a proxy, instead of seeing your home’s IP address, the website will see the proxy’s IP address. How does a proxy help with botting? Runescape keeps track of your IP address each time you log in. Whenever they catch a bot, they check for other bots on the same IP address, and ban them too. That means if you’re running a botfarm from a single IP address, you risk getting your entire farm banned simultaneously! By using proxies, you’re able to split your bots over multiple IP addresses. This way Jagex wont be able to link your accounts together and do a chain ban. What should I look for in a proxy? When picking a proxy for Runesacpe botting, you should make sure you’re getting a private SOCKS proxy. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, we’ll break it down. HTTP vs SOCKS: All you need to know is that Runescape bots use SOCKS proxies so that’s the type you should pick. Free vs Private: If you see any free or shared proxies, stay away! The uptime of these proxies is not suitable for botting, and you risk getting one used by other botters or malicious users. With a private proxy, you get exclusive access to the connection. Where do I get proxies? Note: We get commission for sales made through these links, which help keep RSBotSpot running. Virmach, Proxy Fish, and Your Private Proxy are all excellent sources for SOCKS proxies. They have great connectivity, offer good support, and allow you to swap your proxies once per month. If you’re ready to get proxies and expand your farm, look no further! How to use Proxies with TRiBot Click here for a video guide 1. Load TRiBot Open TRiBot and click the Proxy button. 2. Enter Your Proxy Info Click the Insert button to create a new row for a proxy. To enter your info: double click a cell, input the information, and press enter. Click OK once you’re done. 3. Select your proxy Now just select your proxy & log in! That’s it! If TRiBot loads, congratulations you’ve successfully configured your proxy! Some Extra Info If it’s your first time using a specific proxy, you may get a firewall prompt like below. If you do, just select “Always Allow” and hit OK. To confirm you’re on a proxy, you can select View > Runtime Information in the TRiBot menu: Happy botting!
  12. I haven't seen any confirmed positive reviews for rs-unbans through him. Jagex is quite harsh and confident about their botting bans. I believe just recently they updated ToS to say this:
  13. Due to issues beyond our control, bitcoin payment option is temporarily disabled.
  14. You've got the VIP rank on the forums now, everything should be working fine. You can see your VIP status at bottom of page here: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/vip/
  15. Could you consider adding more tolerance for flaky networks, I think this will help avoid getting the below message as often. Failed to make an account due to invalid information, website is down, or we are blocked for a short amount of time, sleeping for 6 minutes When using proxies, is the account creation done through the proxy? A1 script, thanks Ho!
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  18. @AussieBotter Here's the latest update
  19. Do a searched for "hacked" and you will get many good answers in the threads. TRiBot was designed to give scripters no access to your account details. TRiBot also doesn't send your account info anywhere through the net, it stays only on your own computer. I highly suspect it has something to do with the person who sold you the account. If he's not the original creator, that person could have recovered it also.
  20. Yeah, they will email you all of this information once your order is processed
  21. Make sure you're picking JDK 32 bit version in the TRiBot loader.