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  1. Technically speaking, all VPSs and Proxies work the same. You can google up "private socks5 proxies" to find providers. And https://lowendbox.com/ has good deals on VPSs. Make sure you know how to setup a Linux VPS for botting before getting one. Or you can get a Windows one, but they are more pricey. Things to compare between providers: Uptime, price per specs (on VPS), and how good their support is. Some recommended proxy providers + coupon codes in my signature. Managed VPS provider, VPSGamers, is also in my sig. They have VPS that come setup to bot, no setup required.
  2. YoHoJo


    If you're having trouble running on windows: Uninstall all Java. Install latest Java 8. Google and run 'jarfixer'. @popski @papadeez
  3. Congrat on the release, thanks for sharing!
  4. Hi there This forum is about TRiBot and Runescape botting, not so much Android. I'd check the web for blogs and tutorials about Android development.
  5. Welcome back! No one quits RS forever.
  6. @Grinspoon "nSmither, when I have just the client open with no script running I'm sitting at 15%. " You're claiming RAM usage is high, but the task manager doesn't tell RAM in terms of %, it tells CPU in terms of %. So I assume CPU % is what you're referring to, not RAM usage. I just opened a client on a VPSGamers 5G plan: With TRiBot paint delay of 0 (full FPS), Java CPU usage is ~19%. However a client paint delay of 0 is resource intensive, and not necessary. After setting my TRiBot paint delay to 200, CPU goes down to 2%, and RAM used by Java is 7.4% Try checking your paint delay again. Set it to something higher. And when exiting the settings screen make sure to click "yes" to save settings.
  7. Hi @Grinspoon. Not sure why just 1 bot would be taking up so much resources. Check a task manager to make sure it's java/Runescape that's using the resources. What script are you running? Are you using Looking Glass or regular TRIBot? LG uses much more resources since you're using TRIBot + a legit RS client. What's your paint delay on TRIBot? Try increasing your paint delay on the TRiBot settings to something like ~300 or higher to reduce RAM/CPU usage. If you can adjust either the script or TRiBot settings to get just 3% lower RAM usage, that'd be 15% per bot. 15% * 5 = 5 bots running at 75% RAM. Which is fitting for the 5G plan. There is no false advertising, you can use a task manager program to verify the amount of RAM on your VPS is actually 5GB.
  8. Close all tabs & TRiBots. Wait 20 minutes. Try again.
  9. You can easily find all the commands you need to get this setup online. Just Google things like: your OS + shh, install xfce(desktop environment), install Java, etc. Check the steps on here for installing VNC + Desktop + Java + Running a jar on a Debian 8 VPS: https://rsbotspot.com/post/tier-net-runescape-botting-vps/
  10. Looks like your Java install may be corrupted. TRiBot requires Java 8. Uninstall all Javas. Install Java 8.
  11. Can use these benchmark sites to compare CPUs: http://cpuboss.com/compare-cpus https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/ I don't believe TRiBot or RS utilize multithreading, so single core performance is what you want to compare if botting is your goal. You can setup a deal alert on https://slickdeals.net/ to get an alert when a product of interest is on sale.
  12. @caddon Lower Paint Delay = Higher FPS = Higher CPU Usage Higher Paint Delay = Lower FPS = Lower CPU Usage You may experience a decrease in script efficiency at higher paint delays. Drag it up 100 units at a time, and see how you feel about the results.
  13. @Lukeb96 Check out this article - https://rsbotspot.com/post/how-to-create-and-register-runescape-bot-through-proxy/
  14. I think that message just means Oracle doesn't distribute Java 8 for Debian. You can still follow the steps in the guide to install it.
  15. Make sure you're using them as SOCKS proxies, and use port 1080. There may be no user/pass in this case, and just need your whitelist your IP on Blazing.
  16. Try uninstalling all Java, and install latest JDK version 8.
  17. Please change your avatar from 'confused' to 'happy' once sorted out. Nice @Fluffee
  18. Unacceptable! I've called Jagex to request flag removal. Will update once they respond.
  19. YoHoJo

    Buying Proxies

    What's "blacklisted"? Most datacenter proxies (which is the vast majority of proxies) may get your account 'locked' soon after tutorial island. But you can unlock and continue botting afterwards. This doesn't seem to effect your chance of ban. You can Google "residential socks proxies" for less chances of that happening, but residential proxies are much more expensive. Recommended proxy providers + coupon codes in my sig or sidebar at https://rsbotspot.com Guide on how to use proxies with TRiBot- https://rsbotspot.com/post/how-to-use-proxies-with-tribot/
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