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  1. Runescape servers are having issues. Keep trying and it should work eventually. Try Client > New Client (Advanced) and load different worlds.
  2. YoHoJo

    sock5 proxy

    There's no such thing as fresh/non-used SOCK5 proxies. In my experience, it takes a lot of bans/suspicious activity for an IP to become 'flagged' - meaning you get banned abnormally fast on it. Flags don't seem to be permanent, a once 'flagged' IP seems to work fine after a couple weeks or so. Most major providers don't sell via RSGP, but you can sell your RSGP for Paypal or Crypto, and use that to buy. Can google "private SOCKS proxy" to see tons of providers. The chances of you getting an IP that's flagged are slim.
  3. YoHoJo

    Tribot on VPS

    Increase 'Client Paint Delay' in File > Settings to reduce CPU usage. A 2 cores Xeon CPU will probably run 3 bots tops.
  4. Looks like your proxy may be down/flakey -
  5. Make sure you are using JDK8. You can install it from the Java website, and select it on the dropdown box on the TRiBot loader.
  6. @Throwawayaccount Run this in command line, should work afterworks setx _JAVA_OPTIONS -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16373906/address-family-not-supported-by-protocol-family-socketexception-on-a-specific
  7. Will need to see exactly what error messages you're getitng to help further. What happens when you run the .exe - https://s3.amazonaws.com/installers.tribot.org/TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.4.exe ? What happens when you run "java -version" in command line? What happens when you run the .jar via command line - https://tribot.org/download.php/ How to run jar via command line - https://windowsreport.com/jar-file-windows/
  8. YoHoJo

    Need VPS

    Users aren't to keen on sharing their providers. Good new is, there's tons of providers all over the web. Can Google for sites to compare pricing/stats between VPSs. https://lowendbox.com/ often posts deals on good VPSs.
  9. I hate this update No shrimp/anchovy support , what's a level 1 supposed to do ?! Cook and drop was the est feature, is gon now bad scrip You are right friend , let's riot !
  10. Try this custom build by @Fluffee
  11. lol'd this man is on fire congrats on release catch them fish, bois
  12. The results are in ! Most Money Made 1st Place: @cheeko with 162.61M (2.35M/hr) using wZulrah Slayer by @Worthy 2nd Place: @justpixels with 28.42M (182.38k/hr) using nMercher by @Naton Longest Runtime 1st Place: @sevant with 135 hours running ExShopper by @erickho123 (This technically doesn't fit the "Must be an 'actual' script that gains xp" rule, but since no one else applied for this category, he wins by default) 2nd Place: Me! No one else applied! In case I missed any entries (ex: someone sent via Discord instead of TRiBot DM), I'm going to wait 5 days before distributing prizes. If I've missed your entry, please send me a TRiBot direct message with your submission. Congratulations to the winners ! Please DM me with how you'd like to be paid out: Crypto, Credits, or GP. Happy Botting! Apply to another competition here to win free TRiBot credits! https://tribot.org/forums/topic/80913-contest-announcement-2019-botters-choice-awards/
  13. RAM will probably be the bottleneck on that. See how much RAM the script users on your computer to estimate how many the VPS can run.
  14. Awesome, thanks @Fluffee. Nice to have a reliable LG compatible client to point people to.
  15. This is very common when using most datacenter proxies/VPS. You can follow the unlock step to get the account back, and keep botting.
  16. Completed Restless Ghost with no issues using a level 3 account and ProxyFish Proxy. Thanks, great script!
  17. One way to do it: Once you collect the data, upload to it a database. Then call on the database for the desired info. May be helpful -
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