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  1. Check out the live script stats here to see how it's going: http://usa-tribot.org/dragon/statistics.php
  2. Common TRiBot Loader Problems

    Thanks for reporting back. Either your university is blocking your connection to TRiBot, or more likely Cloudflare is blocking your university's IP address. Using a different IP address at uni should avoid this.
  3. Common TRiBot Loader Problems

    Hmm not sure on this one, rare issue. My only guess is that for some reason Cloudflare may be blocking your IP address. Try using a proxy if you have one available (or google free SOCKS5 proxy list). Try enabling a VPN (Google: free VPN). And see if you're able to login after that. Cloudflare may whitelist your IP after some time, or might need an admin to manually do that. @Todd @Usa
  4. Endless loading client params

    Tick the console mode box on the tribot loader and see if any relevant debug/errors show up in the console window. Make sure no firewall programs on your PC are blocking tribot's connections.
  5. Common TRiBot Loader Problems

    Tick the 'console mode' box on the TRiBot loader, and then copy paste or screenshot the errors that appear in the console window that appears.
  6. cant launch jar

    This thread is quite old, could you please make a new thread explaining your issue in detail. Be sure to include exact error message if you're getting one. Make sure you've downloaded latest version of Java & latest TRiBot from the homepage. Try running this tool to fix your Java file assocations to TRiBot.jar opens with Java: https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html
  7. need link please

    VIP-E only section. Thread about Looking Glass settings.
  8. Adjust the heap size setting on the TRiBot loader before starting.
  9. need link please

  10. need link please

    Try using OSBuddy as your client
  11. Normal cpu/memory usage

    Can be. Looking Glass mode can use a lot of resources, and some scripts may be better optimized than others.
  12. ExTutorial Problem

    Please post script specific issues on the script's thread. Jagex updated account creation interface a few days ago, script needs to be updated.
  13. It says I have a session open, but I don't

    *Next time make sure to stop your scripts using the 'Stop Script' button on TRiBot. Killing TRiBot via task manager would probably result in a ghost instance.
  14. Yes & Sold. Buy TRiBot Credits: https://www.yohogold.com/buy-tribot-credits/