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  1. People typically use proxies to help avoid chain bans like you described. You can use 2+ accounts per proxy if you want, depends on your cost/risk ratio. More info: https://rsbotspot.com/post/all-about-proxies-for-runescape-botting/
  2. I can help, chat me at https://www.yohogold.com/buy-tribot-credits/
  3. You'll have better luck if you follow the request format in the sticky thread. If your idea is private, you should PM premium scripters directly, and let them know what it is, so they can decide their interest in making it. GL
  4. YoHoJo

    WTB 1 Credit

    Sent you 1 credit. Sponsored by: https://RSBotSpot.com - Learn to bot Runescape https://YoHoGold.com - Buy & Sell Runescape Gold
  5. Varies by script. Tasks that require faster reflexes will suffer more from a higher paint delay.
  6. Shouldn't. High paint delay may slightly reduce script's efficiency.
  7. YoHoJo

    client question

    Answered your previous thread, please don't make multiple
  8. YoHoJo

    client question

    @Fluffee made some tools for this. Script Version: AutoHotkey/EXE Version:
  9. Labels are a bit misleading. Select 'free' to see all the script you get for free as a VIP member. VIP selector is always empty. Enjoy
  10. Read more Runescape guides and tips at RSBotSpot Join our Runescape Botting Discord Chat Buy TRiBot Credit & Buy/Sell Gold at YoHoGold How to Start Botting Old School Runescape with TRiBot Originally posted at RSBotSpot TRiBot is one of the most popular Old School Runescape bots. Released in 2013, it’s used by thousands of botters and has a wide selection of scripts. TRiBot is under active development, and includes features like a break handler, proxy support, and antiban measurements. This guide will explain how start botting Old School Runescape with TRiBot. Create a TRiBot Account Start by registering an account on the TRiBot forums. Your forum login details will also be used for the TRiBot client. Install JDK 8 In order to use TRiBot, you’ll first need to install Java Development Kit version 8 (JDK8). You can download the official JDK8 installer here. To download: click ‘Accept License Agreement’, click the download link for your operating system, and create an account. Download JDK8 for Runescape Once downloaded, run it to install JDK8. Download & Open TRiBot You can download the official TRiBot client here. Double click the TRiBot_Loader.jar file to run it. Tip If you experience issues, like TRiBot opening with Winrar, download and run JarFixer (Windows) and try again. If it isn’t already, select JDK 1.8 in the ‘Java Version’ dropdown box. Enter your login details, and click login. Congratulations! You’ve installed JDK8 and got TRiBot running! If you still need help, ask on the TRiBot forums or our Runescape botting discord. Now it’s time to get familiar with the TRiBot repository. TRiBot Repository Basics The TRiBot repository is where you manage your scripts and subscriptions. It works using a credit system. TRiBot credits cost $1 per credit, and are used to buy VIP subscriptions and scripts. You can purchase TRiBot credits with a verified PayPal account or credit card. You can also purchase credits with Runescape gold or cryptocurrency. YoHoGold, our sister site, is a great place to buy TRiBot credits. TRiBot Pricing TRiBot has various subscription levels which can be seen below: Free VIP Trial VIP VIP-Extended $0 $1 per 2 Days $6.50 per Month $8 per Month Access to the client Access to the client Access to the client Access to the client Able to run one premium script at a time Able to run unlimited free, vip, and premium scripts Able to run unlimited free, vip, and premium scripts Able to run unlimited free, vip, and premium scripts Ability to use proxies while botting Access to Looking Glass feature They best way to start would be with either VIP Trial or regular VIP. This will give you unlimited access to all VIP scripts. There are also premium scripts which can be purchased individually. Buy VIP Subscription Once you have credits, you can purchase TRiBot VIP. With VIP, you can run unlimited instances of all VIP scripts! Select a TRiBot Script Open the TRiBot Repository filter by category, and pick ‘Free’ (meaning free for VIP users) as price. Here’s my search for a woodcutting script: TRiBot Woodcutting Script Search Click the info button to see more. When selecting a script to use, there are a few things you can do to ensure its quality: Check last update date: An old date doesn’t always mean a script is broken. But if it hasn’t been updated in over a year, it’s typically outdated. Read the 1st thread post: From the script info page, click View Thread. Here you can read details about the script’s features and usage. Read last few thread pages: Read posts to get a good idea of how users feel about the script, how active the developer is, and if there are any outstanding issues. If all of these points check out, you’ve found a solid script! Click Activate to add it to your TRiBot script collection. Launch Runescape Open TRiBot, and click the New Client button to launch runescape. Log into the Runescape account you want to bot. Run A Script Once Runescape has loaded, click the Start Script button at the top right. Select your script, and click start. Loading Runescape & Starting a Script Fill out the info in the GUI, and you’re good to go. You Did it! Congratulations, you got your first bot running! This is just the beginning. TRiBot has lots of scripts and other features to make your botting experience smoother. If you’re ready to buy credits for VIP or scripts, you can do so at: The TRiBot repository with Paypal or card YoHoGold with Runescape gold, cryptocurrency, and various other options Learn More All About Proxies for Runescape Botting How to Use Proxies With TRiBot How to Use TRiBot Looking Glass & Bot Through the Official Runescape Client
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