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  1. YoHoJo

    Basic Motherlode

    Einstein keeps pumping them out, yee haw!
  2. YoHoJo


    Oh mi gaaa, another one! Release the tools people really need, nice stuff
  3. Best of luck, thanks for sharing!
  4. YoHoJo


    Wow, first script published? Congrats on release!
  5. Please stick to your first thread - Submit a ticket on the Help Desk to get assistance from staff - https://help.tribot.org/support/home
  6. I know 100s of people are using them successfully. Most issues of bans are due to the botting, not the proxy IMO. I also mention you can Google "private socks5 proxies" to find tons of other providers and see what works best for you.
  7. @FluffeeCan help further. Make 100% sure you're logging into "mel12" on the TRiBot loader program.
  8. Can you screenshot what you are seeing/what happens when you try to open another tab.
  9. https://rsbotspot.com/post/all-about-proxies-for-runescape-botting/ https://rsbotspot.com/post/how-to-use-proxies-with-tribot/ 2) Any "Private socks proxy" works, can Google to find lots of providers. See my sig for some recommendations + coupon codes. 3) Most charge per proxy per month. Other models exist too though, may be able to pay per month for unlimited, but they may only last a few hours/days each. 4) Yes. 5) No limit. Just need VIP and if it's a premium script just purcahse enough auths.
  10. YoHoJo

    Basic Miner

    Big props on the thread design! Good template to emulate. Got the fucking call to actions at top and bottom of thread! Always excellent work from Einstein! Why no "Probably not the best mining script on TRiBot" this time?
  11. Botting is difficult and takes practice before producing desirable results. But many people bot successfully. If you're having trouble running TRiBot, please explain in detail exactly what's going wrong. Better yet, screenshot/paste the exact error message. You can learn about proxies here - https://rsbotspot.com/post/all-about-proxies-for-runescape-botting/
  12. YoHoJo

    nRogues Den

    Always nice to see more solid premium scripts, thanks!
  13. In my experience, it takes many (10+) bans for an IP to become 'flagged'. You can check by botting a method in the same manner you normally do, and if you get banned abnormally quickly, you may be flagged. Typically 'flags' only last 1-2 weeks, and the IP is good to use again afterwords.
  14. Need more info, anything in the Script/Client debug tabs? If not, run TRiBot via command line and paste whatever shows up there after the iessue.
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