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  1. YoHoJo

    source code

    Good resource: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/74045-an-introduction-to-script-development-for-tribot/
  2. YoHoJo

    Any script to do stronghold security??

    Nice idea. Dax webwalker can handle this area, so creating a script for it wouldn't bee to difficult.
  3. Thank you! Take a gander at that UI boys, now that's some care for the customer! "great choice!" *naps*
  4. YoHoJo

    Assume Staker Summer Sale - 25% off

    Awesome, thank you!
  5. YoHoJo

    CombatAIO Premium Summer Sale - 25% OFF

    Awesome, thank you!
  6. YoHoJo

    Can i edit to make a script faster?

    All TRiBot scripts are closed source. You just have access to the settings/GUI the script has. You can make suggestions in the script thread to the scripter for optimizations.
  7. Because you'll definitely get banned without it! Kappa
  8. YoHoJo

    Summer Sale - Air Orb Crafter

  9. YoHoJo

    How many hours a day can I bot a combat character?

    Depends on the location and script and break schedule and history of the account, and lots of other things! Got to test and try to find out!
  10. YoHoJo

    Gods Slayer Development

    Cool! TRiBot could really use a solid Slayer script.
  11. YoHoJo

    Re-sizable issues

    Resize issues? Try viagra.
  12. YoHoJo

    ExNightMareZone - 10% off to all users!

    Awesome thanks!
  13. Try this: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/38656-windows-mac-how-to-find-and-delete-your-tribot-folder-to-reset-your-settings/