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  1. @TetanicBoot Re; VPN Can you turn on your VPN, tick 'console mode' on the TRIBot loader, and get as far as you can into logging in. Take a pic of what you see, if a console window from TRibot spawns, screenshot that too. Re: Proxy Type username 'root', port should be 1080 I recommend contacting their support team for more help.
  2. whats new in lumby dwalker is my goto
  3. Happens automatically, check the debug box below TRiBot for something like "Mouse Data Has Been Loaded" There's a limited amount at any given time so you don't always get it. I believe submitting your own, gives you priority (search the thread to submit human mouse data).
  4. YoHoJo


    Post on the script thread. @Optimus
  5. Gnna farm this so hard
  6. You've got the rank on forums, should be active on the bot now too.
  7. You won't find anyone at TRiBot with scripter rank making scripts for free or low cost. Try https://sythe.org , maybe a low level developer can make you a janky script You get what you pay for! Here's TRiBot script request section - https://tribot.org/forums/forum/38-requests/
  8. me https://www.yohogold.com/buy-tribot-credits/
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