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  1. YoHoJo

    TRiBot Release 10.5_0

    Great stuff, thanks devs!
  2. YoHoJo

    login bot bugs out every night

    Hey man. You've been here long enough to know how to post a proper bug report!
  3. YoHoJo

    Credit Purchases

    Post the exact error message
  4. YoHoJo

    Allow or deny

    I think there is a TRiBot setting to disable firewall notifications
  5. YoHoJo

    Allow or deny

    It's typically safe to 'allow' all firewall requests. As far as account security goes, scripts, by design, have no access to your account login info.
  6. Never experienced this. Make sure the captcha is completed properly, and finishes loading (usually displays a check mark when done) before submitting the form.
  7. YoHoJo

    Proxy Wont Connect

    Make 100% sure they are socks. Make 100% sure you're entering correct info. Instead of setting the proxy on the TRiBot loader, try setting it via "New Client (Advanced)" option instead.
  8. With Blazing, you need to authorize IP, and use port 1080 to make the proxy work as a SOCKS proxy. Use code RSBOTSPOT at BlazingProxy to save 5% (recurring I think?) Enjoy
  9. YoHoJo

    TRiBot Release 10.2_0 / 10.3_0

    Yee @Encoded
  10. I'm unavailable to assist at the moment. But I'm sure Fluffee will find a sec to help out when he can! just #memeing