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  1. Probably a rare glitch, sorry about that. Handling via DM with @Fluffee
  2. Try this client instead - http://netamiscripts.com/runelite/
  3. Looks like you're using New Client(Looking Glass), you need a target Runescape client open first for Looking Glass to hook onto it. This modified Runelite by @Netami works http://netamiscripts.com/runelite/
  4. I know this RuneLite client by scripter @Netami works as an LG client - http://netamiscripts.com/runelite/ can try that!
  5. I belive you need 100+ posts + VIP rank in order to transfer 5 credits/month.
  6. @TrippySkiesThanks. The Bot Debug seems incomplete, right click the tab for option to copy it all.
  7. Copy/paste your script and bot debug tabs from under TRiBot here. Put them in quote/spoiler tags to save room. Post a screenshot of everything you see (GUI + TRiBot client).
  8. Getting locked is normal when using most datacenter proxies. You can unlock and keep botting. https://rsbotspot.com/post/how-to-unlock-runescape-bot-account/ You can try a bunch of different proxy providers (Google "private socks5 proxy"), and some may not result in a lock.
  9. YoHoJo

    WB Farmer BETA

    Looks like it's been abandoned.
  10. I sell credits via GP, Crypto, etc. at - https://yohogold.com/buy-tribot-credits/ Can buy under 5.
  11. Banned on Sept 26th. Sorry for your loss. Thanks, for the report.
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