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  1. @patoon17 stop spamming his threads. If you'd like to report someone as a scammer, make a dispute and it'll be handled. @OG Sticks if I missed any posts you want remoted, report them and they'll get hidden.
  2. YoHoJo

    Buying 300-500m

    Add my discord - YoHoJo#4756
  3. TRiBot updated recently - Try downloading latest version - http://tribot.org/download.php And deleting your hooks.dat -
  4. .jar is cross platform, works on Mac.
  5. Google and run 'Jarfixer'. Then try again. Make sure to install Java 8.
  6. Uninstall all Javas. Install latest version of JDK 8.
  7. Sold at https://yohogold.com
  8. Ohh my goi! Thanks Todd and developers for this!
  9. @steez709 as the error message states, you need to install Java Development Kit (JDK) version 8. Make sure to select jdk as your Java version in the dropdown menu on the TRiBot loader.
  10. Looking glass should be working with the official OSRS client & OSbuddy. Latest TRIBot update cointaints this fix -
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