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  1. YoHoJo

    tribot loader wont open?

    Uninstall all Java. Install Java 8 or 9. Then try.
  2. YoHoJo

    Christmas Money Advice

    But it aint even been doe 1. Depends on your gaols. If you're trying to goldfarm you'll need to research what script make good gp/hr (just read though some threads). Goldfarming is competitive and not many are willing to openly disclose what works well for them. 2. If you're gold farming, the proxy feature is handy to help avoid chain bans. People are 50/50 about weather or not Looking Glass is helpful to them. 3. As far as I know, yes all script should work fine with looking glass, or can be patched if an issue is found. No set rule on how often to switch, you can read advice on some threads like this: Some helpful Runescape botting guides and info at: https://rsbotspot.com
  3. YoHoJo

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    My friend went full zoom once, he's never been the same since .
  4. YoHoJo

    Led's botting progress.

    Master botter over here! This thread is dedicated to all the haters who got banned after tut.
  5. YoHoJo

    need help

    Welcome Same user/pass you use to log into the forums.
  6. YoHoJo

    Crashing upon loading

    Anything after 'Unable to create client instance' ?
  7. YoHoJo

    Crashing upon loading

    Tick the 'console mode' box on the TRiBot loader, then post a screenshot(s) of the entire error message.
  8. YoHoJo

    How to fix minecraft crashing

    Hi This is a Runescape Botting forum, odd place to get Minecraft help! Inside that gobbledygook of text is a Java error, you can google it to find out more: https://www.google.com/search?q="ClassNotFoundException+net.minecraftforge.fml.common.launcher.fmltweaker" Good luck
  9. YoHoJo


    $1 = 1 credit 6.5 for VIP 8 for VIP-E
  10. YoHoJo

    What is Daxwalker?

    Hey look, it' @fluffew, @Fluffee's less-TRiBot-literate half cousin!
  11. YoHoJo

    Bot Supplier & Mule [Free Add-On]

    But when will the issues inside your mind be reviewed?