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  1. Please show a screenshot of your GUI setup and settings! This will help @Worthy assist you !
  2. dies ist eine Beule i Sie lieben this is a bump i love you
  3. TriBot works on Mac. Botting has gotten a lot more difficult since the glory days, it takes some practice to fund a good strategy. You can search and read around the forums for advice. That being said, TriBot is a very solid and feature filled bot! Welcome back, happy botting!
  4. I googled the error and found these threads Looks like this happens after RS updates, reload your client twice to fix or delete your .tribot folder.
  5. Please create your own thread if you need help with something. You can get JDK here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index-jsp-138363.html Make sure to select JDK in the Java dropdown box on the TRiBot loader afterwords.
  6. Online and selling credits! Chat Here
  7. Here's a guide all about that
  8. It's antiban, you can learn more about it here: You can try ticking it off and see if it solves that issue. Your bot will be less humanlike though.
  9. Here is a guide by the bot developer on how to bot safely: Anytime you bot, there is always a risk of getting banned. There is no set style of botting that avoids bans, everyone just practices and finds their own way. Just keep experimenting and see what works out best for you. Good luck.
  10. Post image(s) of the settings you're using. Explain in more detail exactly what is going wrong, ideally with gifs/images of the problem.
  11. If you load TRiBot without selecting a proxy on the loader, then Runtime Information will say Proxy:none Give it another shot and see. As far as I know, if you do it this way, there is no way to check what proxy a tab is using once you've set it.
  12. That's the way I like to do it. If you want to run multiple proxies in 1 TRiBot window, you could do that like this: Load TRiBot without a proxy, select Client > New Client (Advanced) in the menu, which brings up this screen: Fill it out to your liking, and repeat for each new client you want to load.
  13. What's the banrate on this?
  14. You can check out this article, as well as other Runescape botting guides at https://RSBotSpot.com If you'd like a video guide on how to setup proxies with TRiBot, we've got one here. All About Proxies for Runescape Botting Proxies are considered a must have by most botting enthusiasts. Using proxies allows you to hide your IP address, and split your bots over multiple networks. Botters who use proxies report a decreased risk of chain bans when gold-farming. In this guide, I’ll cover everything you’ll need to start incorporating proxies into your botting routine. So, what’s a proxy? You can think of a proxy server as a remote computer with it’s own internet connection. When you use a proxy, you route your internet activity through the proxy’s connection, rather than your own. How does it work? Whenever you visit a website, you expose something called your IP address. An IP address is a unique number used to identify your internet connection. You can think of this like caller ID for telephones: whenever you “call” a website, they see the IP address you called from. When you use a proxy, instead of seeing your home’s IP address, the website will see the proxy’s IP address. How does a proxy help with botting? Runescape keeps track of your IP address each time you log in. Whenever they catch a bot, they check for other bots on the same IP address, and ban them too. That means if you’re running a botfarm from a single IP address, you risk getting your entire farm banned simultaneously! By using proxies, you’re able to split your bots over multiple IP addresses. This way Jagex wont be able to link your accounts together and do a chain ban. What should I look for in a proxy? When picking a proxy for Runesacpe botting, you should make sure you’re getting a private SOCKS proxy. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry, we’ll break it down. HTTP vs SOCKS: All you need to know is that Runescape bots use SOCKS proxies so that’s the type you should pick. Free vs Private: If you see any free or shared proxies, stay away! The uptime of these proxies is not suitable for botting, and you risk getting one used by other botters or malicious users. With a private proxy, you get exclusive access to the connection. Where do I get proxies? Note: We get commission for sales made through these links, which help keep RSBotSpot running. Virmach, Proxy Fish, and Your Private Proxy are all excellent sources for SOCKS proxies. They have great connectivity, offer good support, and allow you to swap your proxies once per month. If you’re ready to get proxies and expand your farm, look no further! How to use Proxies with TRiBot Click here for a video guide 1. Load TRiBot Open TRiBot and click the Proxy button. 2. Enter Your Proxy Info Click the Insert button to create a new row for a proxy. To enter your info: double click a cell, input the information, and press enter. Click OK once you’re done. 3. Select your proxy Now just select your proxy & log in! That’s it! If TRiBot loads, congratulations you’ve successfully configured your proxy! Some Extra Info If it’s your first time using a specific proxy, you may get a firewall prompt like below. If you do, just select “Always Allow” and hit OK. To confirm you’re on a proxy, you can select View > Runtime Information in the TRiBot menu: Happy botting!
  15. Yes you can! In TRiBot go to View > Account Manager Select the account you want to add a pin for, click edit, and you and put your pin there. Happy botting!