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  1. Thanks for the report, it's because Daxwalkker doesn't work properly for Zeah on this version. The last version on his GitHub contains errors so it's something I can't fix myself.
  2. Awesome release, works as a charm! ran for over 110 chests!
  3. Yea, best thing you can do right now, walk inside the house yourself and then let the script continue. DaxWalker seems to have some trouble with it atm. EDIT: I've fixed the issue with DaxWalker not being able to find Veos, also added a small workaround for Dax to walk to the fruit stalls since it's kinda buggy on this version.
  4. Awesome, Can't wait until LG works with RL again :D
  5. No need to be this rude, this behavior is absolutely unacceptable.
  6. Updated the script, however since Dax Walker isn't fully updated yet, make sure you do the walking yourself until it is updated. When your account is ready for fruit stalls, move to the house with the circle, there are 2 fruit stalls here without guard dogs. I've added some stuff to hop world and choose which stall to thieve based on other players.
  7. Already changed the logic, just need @daxmagex to update the Zeah map for Dax Walker I have not tested the new stuff yet, no accounts to test on atm. Will try to push an update tomorrow.
  8. Justhin's Zeah Thiever Gets your account ready to farm This script helps you to get your thieving level ready. It'll walk to the Baker's Stall in Zeah -> Level up -> Walks to Fruit stall -> Levels till you stop it. This requires level 5 Thieving and 15% Hosidius favor. Use ClientOfKourend made by @FALSkills you can find it here https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2569-clientofkourend/ Follow up by using the EXP lamps on the Thieving skill and the scroll for 15% Hosidius favor. Instructions - Stand anywhere in Zeah, make sure you got 15% Hosidius favor and at least level 5 Thieving. Start the script once you're in position and you've followed the above steps Repository - https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3205 Source code- https://pastebin.com/YP8jtzrc Important - The script will improve over time. To-do - Add multiple Fruit stalls, Implement small breaks To-do - Improving antiban, yes, there is antiban Hower, it can be improved. Some extra info It has some basic logic to flee if it's being attacked, eat on damage, prevents stealing if you get caught and world hopping once the dogs are no longer lured inside the house. It'll generate a Random seed based on your OSRS account, I'm using this to modify delays. Personal signature Update Will now detect multiple players and choose the right thieving spot/hop based on players nearby. Added multiple Fruit Stall support
  9. Xivia's Fisher A free Otto's Grotto fisher - Justhin Dear people, I've not written Tribot scripts before. This is one of my first tries to release a decent script. I hope you enjoy! Requires one Barbarian Rod & lots of feathers. Instructions - Stand near the fishing spots west of Baxtorian Falls. Make sure you have a Barbarian Rod & enough feathers in your inventory. Start the script once you're in position and you've followed the above steps ? Repository - https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3181 ? Highscores - Click here Important - The script will improve over time. Todo - Check if player runs out of feathers (Currently the script does not log off if you're out of feathers, make sure you've got enough or monitor the bot). Todo - Improving antiban, yes there is antiban hower, it can be improved. ? Special thanks to @Naton & @Netami for giving me suggestions on how to improve my code. Personal signature Proggies Updates
  10. Currently testing out V3, so far so good. No errors yet. It really does copy my playstyle. Just one little thing I've noticed; when the script right clicks an object, it'll still move the camera with the middle mouse button, you can see this in the clip below at about 0:30 (might be my settings). Here is a little clip using it with LG, 100~ obstacles and about 11 laps recorded. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_XZbjyEQ58
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