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  1. You are not botting on the account you are playing on now right? They have no reason to ban your account unless you start botting.
  2. Wait a few days before you start botting on it. I would use a new proxy, but they can't ban you if you play legit.
  3. You want to run the Tribot or what?
  4. Ubuntu <3
  5. Rip brother. All my accounts are checked and allright. I wonder how they detect them
  6. Google my friend. A lot of proxies out there . The connection speed depends on the money you are spending on it.
  7. Risk of botting bro. I got the same problem. The bot doesn't pick food, just teletab and it walks to wildy. - borrie
  8. Lost whip, bot skulled I have no idea how. Pretty sad Hope you can fix something about this very soon man.
  9. Lmfao @ this thread bro...
  10. Not sure if serious or trolling.
  11. Had a sick proggie of 34 hours yesterday, no screenshot though, Took one at 24 hours but it's on my other computer...
  12. Been using a whip forever, never got skulled I don't know what the problem is...
  13. 24/7 all day. Never got banned. - borrie
  14. Staking, lol.
  15. Air_Dragon47, lol.