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  1. This scrip took me from 80-99 str with absolute ease. I did get one temp ban however that was due to me suiciding, I got banned at 10k of 98 str, so this script is flawless if used appropriately like most scripts, however this one is just amazing, It's been a pleasure. Naton, you are a legend! A+++++++++++++++++
  2. HAHA, when you put it like that like you said, that's funny, i've only got 1 more level to go before i stop botting anyways (99 is the goal im 50k of 98) so yeah, i think i'll space this one out over the course of a week xD But yeah, Naton, the bot is flawless without a doubt never once encountered a problem, although i did die once which was kind of weird and must have been an anomaly. But yeah, for anyone reading this, i would rate this script highly as one of the best!
  3. Just letting you guys know, I recieved a temp ban today, this is the only bot I've used on my account so, I started at 80 strength, Im 97 strength and just got hit with the ban hammer today, I was suiciding so I was expecting it. It's been working flawlessly tough, i cannot fault the bot, maybe it was to do with the random mouse movements that set off the alarm bells for bot watch. Still an amazing script, just dont suicide.
  4. okay perfect, sounds good, will wait, thanks for the speedy replies.
  5. That worked, it's banking and walking to spot normally now However now i've encountered that after taking a break it the cursor stays stationary in one position and keeps clicking there it doesnt move to "click here to play" (the red rectangle after login), my cursor got stuck on the membership tile constantly clicking that thus opening the bond transaction page on the old school site. I believe this is client sided?
  6. Hello Naton When the bot goes to bank after running out of food at the crab claw island it shuts down and turns off here's the debug [19:02:09] java.lang.NullPointerException [19:02:09] at scripts.napi.h.o.a(Banking.java:73) [19:02:09] at scripts.napi.h.o.a(Banking.java:54) [19:02:09] at scripts.napi.h.o.M(Banking.java:50) [19:02:09] at scripts.napi.h.o.F(Banking.java:42) [19:02:09] at scripts.ncrabkiller.actions.movement.i.L(WalkToCrabTile.java:104) [19:02:09] at scripts.napi.framework.NScript.run(NScript.java:304) [19:02:09] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [19:02:09] [NCrab Killer] kully, thank you for using nCrab Killer. Please leave all comments, reviews, and bug reports on the forums thread. Thanks - Naton [19:02:09] Script Ended: nCrab Killer. That's everything within the same time.
  7. I've been using this script for 2 years. Trust me when i say its the most flawless script i own.
  8. UPDATE: I ran overnight on my pure, everything works perfectly after changing to GUZZLE ROCKCAKE FOR 1HP, rather than flick rapid heal, current progress time is 11 hours 54 minutes, xp gained p/hr is the same, running smooth *USE THIS FOR THE MEAN TIME WHILE FLICK RAPID HEAL IS FIXED, IT ESSENTIALLY DOES THE SAME JOB*
  10. Another reason, is that it tracks the movement of the fire giant, again very bot like.
  11. Hey Tri, I got some advice, this is for safes spotting, or even in melee combat, (not sure cause I haven't tested combat since I have a pure) The cursor (paint) hovers over the next fire giant whilst you are already killing one, for some reason, it feels like this is very bot like, could it be possible, that until the current fire giant is killed, only then the next fire giant will be attacked, without having the cursor hovering over the fire giant the entire time.
  12. Hello Tri, I have set this bot up to curse at the Monk of Zamorak. I have found a consistent problematic issue - when cursing. When a new level is achieved, the cursor speed to select the spell is deemed too quick, here is why I've come to that conclusion; When a new level is reached the message appears in the chat box area, the speed the bot clicks the spell is far to quick, and when the bot is a millisecond from casting curse -> monk of zamorak, the cursor leads itself to the chatbox message to click the "Click to continue", and since the spell is selected the bot doesn't realise the cursor is free and able to left click it just hovers trying to click the message without any success. Not only has this been annoying, it's a massive flaw as it keeps your bot standing there for hours IF you don't check it. Thank you Regards Kully.
  13. Hello tri, The script works pretty well, however, every time there is a break that i take, the bot seems to log in after the break has finished, and use the tele to varrock tab even though i logged out in the east room safe spot and not even fully restock my invent, it's completely eating my varrock tabs away unecessarily. Help?
  14. Same here, erickho - help please! It keeps repeating waiting for host, however the host is there, i've checked other functionality of the bot - if I manually pay the host and then get into the game - it works perfectly fine (drinking prayer, prayer selection, movement in the dream etc).