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  1. Don't use this bot, I was taking breaks, bought premium bots, quested was talking to friends while i botted, trained skills legit and i still got banned within a day. Wait for robotzindisguise to release their bot and you should never get banned again
  2. @udidoo No i didnt mean that I got two separate accounts if jagex sees both logged in at the same time it might cause a problem...
  3. Heeeeyyy guys, I am back , i was just curious on whether i will get banned if i bot on oldschool and play legit on my runescape 3 account at the same time? and what are the chances of anything actually happening?
  4. The lack of runescape 3 bots sucks..
  5. Do you know any runescape 3 bots that support proxies?
  6. Okay, i understand how many accounts were you botting at the time and was you playing on your main that the time you was botting?
  7. So what do I do to avoid this?
  8. I was wondering if my main account will get banned if i gold farm 3-5 bots on runescape 3 on the same IP address? ps; I wont be botting my main account ever.
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