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  1. When I try to use LG I get a message saying "Must run tribute using Java JDK in order to use Looking Glass". I just downloaded the most up to date version of java so I'm not sure why I'm getting this error message. I also have the oars client up in the background. Can someone please help me solve this so I can start botting a bit more safely? ( @iFluffee Maybe you can help me out for the 100th time? haha)
  2. So I've been using aMiner on 2 nooby accounts for a couple days now which I absolutely love. I plan on doing some on my main as well but I'd want to play it more safe, I've tried to set up breaks but I've had no success. Can someone tell me/guide me on how to set up breaks when botting with aMiner? Much thanks to anyone that can help!
  3. Cool beans, I'll have to give one a shot. Appreciate the info.
  4. What makes you recommend Montreals so highly?
  5. You guys are awesome! It's running successfully Thanks again!
  6. I purchased a proxy from proxyfish and I am running the bot with it (so I believe). Is there a way to check if I'm successfully playing with the proxy ip and not my own? @deviion
  7. Ok, thank you again! I'll let you know if I do end up trying them and how it goes
  8. I googled it and saw a few sites selling them like proxyfish.com. Would you recommend I try buying one from them? Or not for some reason? Thanks again for all the help man.
  9. Thanks again my man! Can you recommend a site/place where I can purchase a socks5 proxy? Preferably a premium one?
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