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  1. What if I'm starting 5,000 clients? It is not currently possible.
  2. "Clickbait title" (not listed in rules, and first offense on account with 100% positive FB) Impossible to do without back end access to OSBots forum logs/database Why would I do that when I can pay $9 a month and focus on actually making money? We do actually have a client of our own but I do not use it for the mass tutorial creation
  3. Let's take apart this desperate attempt to recover income by saving face piece by piece. Total fabricated lie. Please post evidence. Not exactly a lie, just stupidity. I said that I emulated laptop touch screen, not tablet. Two very different things. You have no evidence of this whatsoever. In fact, this was already discussed on OSBot forums, where I showed in code that I did in fact not use your terrible interaction code, but instead submitted custom events via "bot.getMouseEventHandler().generateBotMouseEvent" which is literally nothing more than a convenience wrapper for MouseEvent.mouseClicked/Moved. My own MouseEvents were being submitted, nothing generated by OSBot. Anyone who was present during this discussion can see your blatant lies today. Wow, that is the most compelling argument I have ever heard. Better than Rand. The script was sold for $1,500 USD and the owner profited ten times that before pickpocket of ALL NPCs on SDMM was disabled because of this script He still runs it occasionally on W45 today, almost a year after the script was written. Either you're stupider than I thought, or you're just lying. I never had any OSBot account prior to August 2016, as you an see I was posting questions asking about the very basics of the API on this date. Care to share how you magically "just found out" I was evading for "a year" months after my forum ban? Right, I'm sure it had nothing to do with me exposing your SDN as a pile of garbage wherein 90% of scripts do not work as advertised, much less evade ban detection. Nor did it have anything to do with me connecting thousands of accounts per day while only paying $9.99. Seems legit. Nice use of adjectives when you have absolutely no argument. But you're right, assuming you haven't deleted my thead, they can go back and see that my KnightRaper was the most advanced pick pocketing script sold to date. This is the most demonstrably false and obvious lie so far. Please give any modicum of evidence that you have on my software engineering background. You are absolutely laughable. I work with Killer99, who is lightyears ahead of your wildest dreams. Thank you and please come again Your desperate attempts have done nothing but boost my credibility and gain me many more customers than I ever dreamed. Thank you so much. Banned for ban evading.. Yes that makes a lot of sense good buddy Like those cops that arrest people for resisting arrest with no other charge. Laughable attempts at tyranny. Of course, when I was falsely banned I made a new account and evaded, because I needed to access some information on a thread I had submitted in order to better serve my customers. They come first, not your ignorant and fascist ban edicts. I did not make any posts however, so the evasion ban in itself was totally unwarranted. Please give me one post outside of the SPAM section where there was any trolling. It does not exist. Yes I am sure the script writers who sell hundreds of people steaming piles of non-functioning crap, I was a huge pain in the ass when introducing scripts that actually work as advertised. I can assure you my $9.99 did not cover the technical burden on their servers I incurred If they forgot about me, who was presenting the evidence of ban evasion? Santa Claus? I will continue to speak the truth in all areas of life, no matter who has a problem with it. If I am banned for doing so, it won't be a problem for me. In fact as soon as Mobile RS is released to the public, we will be converting the APK to run on JRE then reverse engineering the first mobile bot client using the funds I have gathered so far, and my operation will never be at the pseudo-mercy of kids like Alek again. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to further expose your incompetence and clarify it to this new community!
  4. Actually if you set something like that up to run constantly, as in run it every time before you open a new client, it would assign a random UID to each account as per official client spec. However it would also appear that you are moving to a new computer, each time you restart the client. Doing this would be better than one UID shared between all clients, but still a factor in the heuristics used to catch botters. IE if you have 50 dragon killers, and every one of those 50 dragons killers is swapping to a new machine at the same time or at least every time the client loads, it would still be more detectable than a UID system which mimics the official client. The idea would be to make each account appear to be coming from a unique computer, but not change computers every time the client reloads.
  5. That is only useful when running one bot at a time, in serial. I am looking to continue running 200 or so per machine. I'm not saying that those are the reasons I dodge bans. I am saying that is a basic feature of the runescape client and that jagex can immediately detect that you are at least running a modified client when you connect multiple clients with the same UID through different proxies. Granted there are convoluted ways to achieve this without modified clients, but I doubt there is anyone playing runescape this way that isn't a botter or goldfarmer.
  6. thats not good ... I need to switch to discord. It's the smoking rabbit. Of course account selling is against the rules, I was going to help OP setup his system.
  7. How so? I am confused because when I start a new client, it doesn't ask for a username or anything, so it can't possibly be retaining a UID per account. The only way I could see is that it only handles it when using client starter, or UID is totally random for each new client started.
  8. From what I can tell, there is no patch for the unique client identifier used by jagex to track individual machines. I am referring to these files: C:\Users\Administrator\random.dat C:\Users\Administrator\jagex_cl_oldschool_LIVE.dat Maybe I am missing something, but it seems like UID is shared between all clients, which means that using proxies would actually be very counterproductive on TRIBot, because it is impossible for a legitimate user to share UIDs between different clients connected from different IPs simultaneously. Even while not using proxies, if UID is shared between clients, jagex instantly links all of your accounts together as owned by the same person. Am I missing something and TRIBot does actually handle UID? Or is UID static between all instances of TRIBot open? Always random?
  9. If you don't know what a UID is I cant help you. A macro like that is no good, because I do not want to launch 150 clients at once, they need to be timed specifically. I could incorporate that into the script, but I would rather just edit the client if it comes to that.
  10. My clients have to eat and pay rent. Gotta do what you gotta do!
  11. Need it in 48h or i will have to send scumbags another $9.99 xD I will donate to you if you do release it, regardless of timeframe. If modifying the client on each release is the only way I can hire someone for far less than the 1BTC stated above Or do it myself. But that defeats the purpose of my fully automated setup!
  12. I would need proof of it working and auto updating.. For now I will wait for more input.
  13. Hi. I am looking for how I can automatically launch TRIBot. I make many accounts per day, so it's impossible for me to manually insert them into the client starter. I thought about reverse engineering the .dat file output by the client starter so that my account creator can generate one itself, but this still leaves me with the problem of having to manually load the .dat via press file>load profile and then profile>run. This is no good as I can only handle 100 clients on my dedi and this would require me to manually intervene every 15 minutes or so.. In the platform I am migrating from, there was a feature called CLI with options as shown below. It doesn't have to be exactly like this. My only requirement is that I am able to launch bots automatically without human intervention, even new accounts that have not been added to the client starter before. Logging in multiple accounts inside one client is no good, each account must have an independent UID (C:\Users\Administrator\random.dat or C:\Users\Administrator\jagex_cl_oldschool_LIVE.dat) If this is not possible, I will have to switch back to the old platform, at least for my mass account generation, which i REALLY do not want to do Any help is greatly appreciated. Customers will be pissed on Thursday if I do not deliver!
  14. Add my skype, colby.mcdowell 800,000+ accounts created, I will get you setup. Please ask for a PM here to verify.
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