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  1. And i thought i was an old registered member
  2. Did you buy it from an automated shop? it will depend on how fast the seller will put the credits on your account. Just wait a little bit
  3. Hello Tribot members. So basicly i had two level 90 woodcutting accounts wich i wanted to use for botting(Had them since release of 07scape) I made one member and the other one f2p , unfortunly after 2 days the f2p got banned but my memb acc stayed untouched. I figured that wc was not worth it in the long run so i made an account member and went to blasting furnace! 2 hours ago my accounts both got banned.... i am not sure how the new botting thing works. where do i get sock5 and what is it? please help ya boy out to run a solid goldfarm
  4. How do people get banned for 2 days...
  5. Hello everyone , So basicly i had like a shit ton of botting accounts when 07 just started! i managed to recover 2 of those wich still have around 90WC both , what can i do with them? shall i buy membership on both and just bot magic logs again? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for this tutorial! gladly apreciate the work you put in to this
  7. Tim


    What... then how do i make a profit
  8. Tim


    Why would i need to recreate accounts?
  9. Tim


    I actually did sell everything so i have nothing in my inventory
  10. Tim


    Hello everyone. My name is Tim and i started botting around may 2013. I made a few grand of botting since i had 10 bots constantly cutting magics for a few months. I managed to recover 2 of those accounts one with 90WC and the other one has 88WC. Is it worth it to start botting again? Will it be worth it to buy membership and VIP? Kind regards , Tim
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