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  1. There are still some bugs when using dax walker haven't been fixed since months ago. Can you make the script check inventory before trying to go to bank in every quests? so when inventory has enough items, it do need to bank at all while in the middle of quests.
  2. Privacy alert: Maxthon web browser sends private data about users to China
  3. no more babysitting again! not gonna to update this shit script
  4. this firewall prompt keep poping even I select always allow
  5. Can you add an options to keep all inventory items?
  6. Why this script don't use dax2 walker? How can I babysit it when the paint block 70% of the chating inteface?
  7. montime

    Problem Botting on One Computer

    I guess you didn't set proxy correctly? The proxy setting is quit confusing in tribot. I don't dare to open more than one Client in one tribot java.
  8. Can tribot client add an option to save Bot Debug and Client Debug to file automatically? Really need it because I want to know what did I do if accounts get banned. I always forget to copy the debug. I thought of making a script to get debug, but it is not allowed. The debug window class variables are private
  9. montime

    [OPEN SOURCE] Caged Ogres v1 (55k - 75k xp/h)

    Open source combat tribot script is rare thanks
  10. montime

    Best way to suicide bot?

    when you use suicide bot and lose profit. MEME
  11. I prefer using FC Questing script when questing Prince Ali Rescue, but you must still babysit Prince Ali Rescue when using FC Questing. Most of the quests in |w| Quests don't use teleport items. Waterfall quest works well and use teleport items. BUT! you must babysit Waterfall quest too. rare bug sometime occurrs