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  1. @Druid I'm still having problems with the player regenerating health above the eat level when banking and returning to the NPC without grabbing food. Can you add support for Ardy knights in buildings? Right now if I start the script in a building with the ardy knight and run out of food it clicks on the minimap outside the building but the door is closed so the player just stops doing anything.
  2. It does. Make sure you have shift dropping enabled. It uses shift dropping after getting stunned but will right click drop if your inventory is full and you have not been stunned.
  3. Yes, but first double check that you have the custom rock settings correct.
  4. On tribot click on client and make sure block user input is not checked. If it is, click on it to uncheck and allow access. If the red x is sitting on screen and you can't move it, you need to move your cursor to the red x.
  5. I think the problem is that whenever two monsters are near the player and you eat/drink a potion the bot looks for the closest monster but since there are two nearby it's a tossup to which monster gets attacked. I don't follow the scripting section too much but I wonder if getTargetEntity() is used to store the monster the player should be attacking or if it's just looking for the nearest monster on the attack list. Can you post your settings? Set your start tile on the lower left corner of the combat settings tab by clicking 'Set Current Tile'. Select skill to train: Magic Primary spell: High Level Alchemy. Cast Spells Using: (Either autocast or spellbook cast works). Name of item to cast spells on: Case sensitive. Then start!
  6. This hasn't been updated in over a year. I would try another script.
  7. @Druid I'm having problems with the player walking underneath the ardougne master farmer. It's okay to walk under him once in a while but sometimes it repeatedly walks under him. The player moves under the farmer then pick pockets and repeats. It happens when the farmer is in the farm store building and another player is pick pocketing as well. The status says moving or walking to null npc. I've only seen the walk underneath loop happen when he is standing along the western wall inside the building. I'm having difficulty replicating the bug but I've seen it happen several times. Another issue is when the player runs out of food and needs to bank, sometimes the player regenerates hp above the heal level and instead of getting food from the bank, the player runs back to the farmer. This is a problem because (1) it's inefficient to run to the bank and not get food and (2) it looks very bot like because the player will get hit once and have to run to the bank again.
  8. Refunds for bought scripts?

  9. Did you set up your account in the account manager and select to use that account when you started the script? For potions:
  10. @Druid When stealing from the ardougne master farmer the player runs underneath the farmer a lot after being stunned. It is very obvious that you're botting when you do it multiple times and especially when other botters do the same thing. Can you make it so it runs close to the farmer rather than under him?
  11. I encountered a bug today. Somehow the bot right clicked on the players and the trade/report/follow menu completely covered the minnows pool. The bot moved the mouse to the next spots but the mouse was on top of the interface. It never clicked but instead kept moving around the interface above the pool locations. It did this for a few minutes and I had to manually stop the script.
  12. script bugged out took money and didnt work

    You get 3 instances per auth. That means you can run three simultaneously. It thinks you are running 3. https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/instance_manager/
  13. Tribot Dont work?

    After runescape updates you often need to wait for the bot client to update. Tribot is working so the problem is likely on your end.