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  1. The script just immediately shuts down when I try to run it. [05:52:16] Script Started: BountyLoot.[05:52:16] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: input == null![05:52:16] at javax.imageio.ImageIO.read(Unknown Source)[05:52:16] at scripts.bountyloot.gui.f.(GuiController.java:44)[05:52:16] at scripts.bountyloot.y.(BountyLootGui.java:13)[05:52:16] at scripts.bountyloot.BountyLoot.C(BountyLoot.java:87)[05:52:16] at scripts.bountyloot.BountyLoot.run(BountyLoot.java:128)[05:52:16] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[05:52:16] Script Ended: BountyLoot.
  2. I am also still yet to receive a ban for this and I have been botting on 1 account nonstop. This script is pretty awesome, it isn't flawless but it does what I want it to do. EDIT: I was wondering if there's any risk just transferring it all to my main. I've been doing this everyday, thinking it would not be that big of a problem. But if they ban the accounts you transfer your stuff too aswell, I might consider not renewing the membership on the account I use this script on.
  3. Hmm my account had the same stats and makes around 300-350k/hr and when it had like 72/67/63 it even made 300k/hr consistently. Could you show your setup?
  4. Be careful, I guess this spot is often checked by mods. Oh well I got my first levels here, time to move to a safer spot.
  5. Nah man, that wont work, you'll need at least 40 def and preferably 60+ att and str.
  6. Lovely script man, this is my proggie as of this moment and it's still going strong. I found a few errors during on my last run, but this one is going smooth. Keep it up!
  7. Nice, I have been waiting for this, will definitely use this.
  8. It doesn't talk to the Mysterious Old Man when he spawns for you.
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