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  1. script works fine overall ban rate to high currently script seems very detectable as ive had a few accounts banned now and yes i use proxies.
  2. aglity 28-70? or 28-80? can pay osrs gp/paypal pm me prices for both rates. contact me via mail trusted memebers only
  3. Quests I need done. Regicide Underground pass Biohazard Plague City Restless ghost Ernest the chicken priest in peril. Stats I need done. 1/18 slayer 1/19 crafting 1/35 woodcutting 83/85 defence 45/85 range Trusted services only accepted people with feedback only. payment method: 07 gold or paypal. message me
  4. anyone know any websites? to customise a computer? or is there any on ebay that are good to buy? pm me private message
  5. Hey guys im just wanting to ask what kind of computer would you recommend to buy to run 10 accounts for goldfarming? is there any websites out there in uk currently customise great computers? or have been already build also I plan on to ftp gold farm. so if you have any script recommendations to run would be much appreciated.
  6. Need 27-70 aglity need this to be done soon as possible. You will be payed via paypal prices must be reasonable. Your'e feeback must be trustworthy. also this has to be done legit. I will leave the items in my bank so you can purchase any items you need to buy for example. Tele tabs and energy pots. contact me via mail through this. Many Thanks
  7. Hi I need someone to do these quests for me The Restless Ghost, Ernest The Chicken, Priest In Peril, Animal Magnetism, Ghosts Ahoy doesn't matter what order there done in and you must get the items you need I will leave cash in my bank so you can buy the items you need. you must have trusted feedback on tribot. you will be payed via paypal prices are negotiable. also im a 1 def pure so when killing the monsters please use attack or strength. many thanks
  8. Script needs updated: script always ends after 3 hours or less also dosent click fast enough on cows needs updated.
  9. could you fix the login in problem ? when it hops worlds sometimes it dosen't want to log back in. all them errors i posted only happened a few times thanks for improving the script hopefully it will be flawless soon
  10. list of things that need to be fixed 1. the script dosen't go into safe spot sometimes and sturgles just keeps clicking and wont run into safe spot 2. death walk needs fixed again 3. better pk dection even know its quite goodish at the minute but sometime it dosen't log out when it sees other players it right clicks them to check there combat level... 4. good script kind of but i know the improvements have been fast in the last 2 days ive been using keep it up with improvements and it will be soon be flawless. many thanks
  11. Scirpt needs better pk detection dosen't log out when needed needs to be quicker. also needs updated when killed by player sometime script radomly ends. also noticed with radoms failed etc. thanks
  12. would be a great idea though I was banned for botting for 2 days so don't think there taking bots seriously yet I almost have 99 fish and Hunter thanks to tribot <3
  13. someone should make a tutorial on set equipment and how to flag tasks great script though would love to know how to set equipment and how to flag tasks if anyone has screen shots or a viedo of them doing it
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