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  1. Yes, recently happen to me (less than a week ago). It wasn't my main but it had like 900 total and was using it for some other shit (not botting). My bot got banned and then that acc got banned some time later (not instant for some reason).
  2. Yes it definitely is the space, as the other bots work fine with this and they have no space within their names. Can you please elaborate on what you mean? I don't understand why a space within a String would make the method not work when it accepts Strings.
  3. Yeah, that wasn't the issue. Still no idea why it doesn't work. I even manually type in the RSN into that method and it still shows up.
  4. Yeah that's weird. I remember when I first made the string array, I was going to see if an exception was thrown; and since none were thrown, I guess I assumed it worked fine. I'll test out what you wrote in an hour, but I'm confident that you found my errors. Thanks man
  5. public class PkerRunnable implements Runnable{ String[] names = {"name1", "name2", "name3"}; // Fake names @Override public void run() { boolean isNoPkers = true; RSItem[] teleTabs = Inventory.find(Constants.TELETAB_ID[0], Constants.TELETAB_ID[1]); // ENSURE BANKING INTERFACE ISN'T OPEN WHJEN CLICKING TAB while (isNoPkers){ General.sleep(50); RSPlayer[] players = Players.getAll(Filters.Players.nameNotEquals(names)); // if player skulled near by, tele. if (players.length > 0){ if (teleTabs.length > 0){ teleTabs[0].click(); teleTabs[0].click(); teleTabs[0].click(); teleTabs[0].click(); System.out.println("Unknown player(s) nearby. Teleporting away."); } System.out.print(Player.getRSPlayer().getName()); // Here to ensure that the names are identical. It is... for (RSPlayer player: players){ System.out.println("Player name: " + player.getName()); System.out.println("Combat Level: " + player.getCombatLevel()); if (player.getSkullIcon() == 0){ System.out.println("He is skulled."); } else { System.out.println("He is NOT skulled."); } System.out.println(" "); } isNoPkers = false; } } } } Hi, I messed up formatting, but above is my code. For some odd reason, the filter doesn't filter out one of my bot's RSNs (lets call it name1). The RSN is 100% identical to what is shown on the name array and the above works perfectly fine filtering out my other bots. This is a different thread than the main one (where the code is actually executing). I have absolutely no idea why it keeps detecting "name1." It detects it on other accounts and detects it on the same account (i.e. "name1" account). My understanding is that this should filter out any name from the array of RSPlayer; however, it is not filtering out this specific name. Any help is appreciated and If I need to provide additional details, please let me know. EDIT: The only name that doesn't seem to work contains a space in it. Why is this an issue? Thanks.
  6. TheGengar

    Question about loading scripts

    @Larry123 You need VIP-E to load local scripts.
  7. You're going to have to post the code if you want help. Only suggestions I have is to ensure that the interface is valid before clicking (though you should get an exception if this is the case). Try throwing in printlns everywhere and see what doesn't get printed and work from there. I had a very similar issue before and the solution was that I had the wrong child ID. Of course, that may not be the case; however, something small and simple may be the cause of your error.
  8. TheGengar

    Curious question about source code

    I personally used Einsteins script to learn. His coding is clean and pretty along with lots of commenting, ESPECIALLY for ABC2 implementation (which I found a complete btich to learn). Here is a direct link to his script i used: https://github.com/Einstein-TRiBot/Universal-Woodcutter
  9. TheGengar

    There is any post for good antiban practices?

    Your best bet is looking through other people's script. I used Einstein's script to learn about ABC2. Here is the raw code: https://github.com/Einstein-TRiBot/Universal-Woodcutter You can find other scripts in the approved section for scripting applications.
  10. TheGengar

    How to "save" inventory location?

    Maybe, didn't look into it. What I ended up doing was that I saved the length of the RSItem array (Amount of buckets +1), when using Inventory.find, and use that value with Inventory.getAll()[length-1].click(). Buckets are all at the top so this would click the bucket, whether filled or not, at the Inventory index I wanted it to.
  11. Hi, I'm currently making a fishing trawler scripts and I was wondering how I could save an inventory location. When doing the trawler, players would click on the last "bailing bucket" in their inventory to fill it with water. Once it is full, clicking it again releases the water. Normally, I would get inventory location of the last bailing bucket via Inventory.find(ID)[length-1], of course with null checks. The problem is the bucket can fill with water so a new item ID is given to it. That doesn't matter to a real human since they would spam click it regardless. I want to save the location of the item, and then when needed in the future, click that location. I don't want to continuously call Inventory.find(ID)[length-1], especially since I need to do this for two item IDS. Also, a side question. A status bar is shown at the top of the screen. I want to be able to make use of it (i.e. if water level bar over 75% ignore antiban and just go super efficient). I was wondering how I could track this bar. The bar is translucent so getting the colour of a certain coordinate is out of the question. Any help is appreciated Thanks.
  12. I had a similar problem, but the "solution" to it was to re-start the script via the "start script" button rather than "re-run script." If I'm reading this correctly, it appears you already doing what I have above, so that shouldn't be of any use to you. Only form of input I can provide is to tell you to set the class output to the tribot folder so you don't manually move it after each compile. The directory should be: C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\bin
  13. TheGengar

    How to have multiple local scripts?

    Thanks man. I was really confused because I thought I had to make a separate project for each of my scripts.
  14. Hi, This might be a bit of a nooby question, but basically, I would like to have separate folders for each of my script in the ".tribot\bin\scripts' folder. My understanding is that in order for the script to even show up on tribot, the .class files must be in that specific directory. What confuses me is how I am supposed to have multiple scripts there, with each script having identical file names (i.e. Vars.class, etc), along with packages (i.e. utilities, framework, etc). I looked at THIS thread, which is essentially the same question I'm asking. I'm a little confused as to what "beg" is saying. I would not like to have multiple project compiling in the same folder, reason stated above. His second option of having packages within the scripts folder is ideal. If I'm understanding correctly, is he saying to have one project, and for each new script that I make, simply make a new package within the \scripts folder? The scripts won't show up on tribot doing this though? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advanced. Solution: For each script you plan to make, simply make a new package within THE SAME PROJECT AS YOUR VERY FIRST SCRIPT. Within this package, create your new script and when compiled, it will appear on tribot.
  15. TheGengar

    Wana-Be Java scripter (need some advice)

    If you have difficulty visualizing some concepts, I would highly recommend reading the book "head first java 2nd edition." Really helps you visualize Objects, multithreading, and other core concepts.