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  1. I am currently using Dynamic clicking; however, it miss-clicks quite a bit. I use it in conjunction wtih FC's and wastedbros AsynchCamera. I am considering making my own clicking method where it would continuously hover until successful click; however, I wasn't sure if something like this already exists. Also, is there a way to see if you did a "red click"? Elaborating, a red click is when you click an object or item. It's usually yellow if you click on a tile with nothing on it. Currently the only way I can test if it is successful is if the up text matches what I want and then wait for some conditions, which is quite inefficient in the case of a miss click (wastes 6 seconds~). Thanks in advance.
  2. TheGengar

    How to implement abc2?

    What exactly don't you understand. If you are more specific I can maybe dumb it down a lot for you
  3. TheGengar

    Open doors that is blocking the walkpath?

    Since I found this post previously with the same question and now since someone bumped it, I'll leave this here. Dax WebWalker automatically does everything for you and can be found HERE
  4. TheGengar

    Learning to script (complaint, suggestion)

    I have like 15 scripts that I can post for you that are open source. Some are dog shit (i.e. when I first started) and some I would say are pretty good. I'll like my github when I get home in about 6 hours. Empty atm. HERE: https://github.com/TheGengar
  5. TheGengar

    Help- changing proxys

    Knowledge is very limited; however, I do think it's possible with something called a Rotating proxy. Not entirely sure otherwise. AFAIK, with regular proxies, you aren't able to since proxies are defined on start-up
  6. TheGengar

    Are Walking methods buggy for anyone else?

    Didn't even knew this existed, thanks man
  7. Hi, For context, I'm making a tut island bot so perhaps the Wakling methods are only buggy on said island? So whenever I use Walking or WebWalking, it would not walk to the tile specified if it is outside the minimap. It was working fine for the scripts I ran on DMM; however, all those scripts were not on Tut island. Anyone else having this error too?
  8. Yes, recently happen to me (less than a week ago). It wasn't my main but it had like 900 total and was using it for some other shit (not botting). My bot got banned and then that acc got banned some time later (not instant for some reason).
  9. Yes it definitely is the space, as the other bots work fine with this and they have no space within their names. Can you please elaborate on what you mean? I don't understand why a space within a String would make the method not work when it accepts Strings.
  10. Yeah, that wasn't the issue. Still no idea why it doesn't work. I even manually type in the RSN into that method and it still shows up.
  11. Yeah that's weird. I remember when I first made the string array, I was going to see if an exception was thrown; and since none were thrown, I guess I assumed it worked fine. I'll test out what you wrote in an hour, but I'm confident that you found my errors. Thanks man
  12. public class PkerRunnable implements Runnable{ String[] names = {"name1", "name2", "name3"}; // Fake names @Override public void run() { boolean isNoPkers = true; RSItem[] teleTabs = Inventory.find(Constants.TELETAB_ID[0], Constants.TELETAB_ID[1]); // ENSURE BANKING INTERFACE ISN'T OPEN WHJEN CLICKING TAB while (isNoPkers){ General.sleep(50); RSPlayer[] players = Players.getAll(Filters.Players.nameNotEquals(names)); // if player skulled near by, tele. if (players.length > 0){ if (teleTabs.length > 0){ teleTabs[0].click(); teleTabs[0].click(); teleTabs[0].click(); teleTabs[0].click(); System.out.println("Unknown player(s) nearby. Teleporting away."); } System.out.print(Player.getRSPlayer().getName()); // Here to ensure that the names are identical. It is... for (RSPlayer player: players){ System.out.println("Player name: " + player.getName()); System.out.println("Combat Level: " + player.getCombatLevel()); if (player.getSkullIcon() == 0){ System.out.println("He is skulled."); } else { System.out.println("He is NOT skulled."); } System.out.println(" "); } isNoPkers = false; } } } } Hi, I messed up formatting, but above is my code. For some odd reason, the filter doesn't filter out one of my bot's RSNs (lets call it name1). The RSN is 100% identical to what is shown on the name array and the above works perfectly fine filtering out my other bots. This is a different thread than the main one (where the code is actually executing). I have absolutely no idea why it keeps detecting "name1." It detects it on other accounts and detects it on the same account (i.e. "name1" account). My understanding is that this should filter out any name from the array of RSPlayer; however, it is not filtering out this specific name. Any help is appreciated and If I need to provide additional details, please let me know. EDIT: The only name that doesn't seem to work contains a space in it. Why is this an issue? Thanks.
  13. TheGengar

    Question about loading scripts

    @Larry123 You need VIP-E to load local scripts.
  14. You're going to have to post the code if you want help. Only suggestions I have is to ensure that the interface is valid before clicking (though you should get an exception if this is the case). Try throwing in printlns everywhere and see what doesn't get printed and work from there. I had a very similar issue before and the solution was that I had the wrong child ID. Of course, that may not be the case; however, something small and simple may be the cause of your error.
  15. TheGengar

    Curious question about source code

    I personally used Einsteins script to learn. His coding is clean and pretty along with lots of commenting, ESPECIALLY for ABC2 implementation (which I found a complete btich to learn). Here is a direct link to his script i used: https://github.com/Einstein-TRiBot/Universal-Woodcutter