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  1. Almost max pure gear and blowpipe with mith darts I think NMZ is extremely safe imo. All you do is afk in there anyways, aside from clicking pots every now and then.
  2. I haven't botted to max stats, but I did bot to 99 range on one of my pking accounts. All I did was run my NMZ script and would take like 30 minute breaks between each session.
  3. Yes you can be banned via mac. My friend is banned that way; however, he did some really fucked up shit that fucked with RS (not going into detail). IDK if I'm allowed to post a link to another botting forum, but he goes into extreme detail about his hardware ban.
  4. I don't know personally, but here's a thread asking for the samething.
  5. Hey, I have a few questions. To get this to work again, I had to import multiple libraries (allotari, guava and gson), and then set the credentials in the beginning of my script (i.e. at Starting). How come all of this required now? Is this because TRiBot now allows for more 3rd part libraries since August 30th (as shown HERE)? What benefits do these libraries give opposed to how WebWalker was working before (i.e. without these libraries)? Should I also familiarize myself with these libraries (would it be helpful for my own personal scripts)? Thanks
  6. I have this NMZ script I made and all it does is drink pots when needed and is AFK otherwise. All of my other scripts that I've made use timedactions where appropriate; however, none of these scritps have an extremely long afk time. Would implementing TimedActions be efficient here? I feel like doing absolutely nothing would have less ban detection (kind of like auto-clicking splashing). Of course I have no evidence to support this, so I was wondering if anyone else knows. Thanks.
  7. I've tested only within the rev caves, at max 13 tiles north of dark beast spawn. Haven't tested it anywhere else but ill see if same issues again in other areas
  8. Description of bug: When inside the rev caves, hopping worlds causes the profit to increase by the current inventory value (as shown in the client debug). Tested this manually as well, and can confirm this. So if on my first trip if I have a 75k inv value, and hop twice, my profit will show as 225k (when it's only 75k). LG (Yes/No): No Resize (Yes/no): No Pictures of gear equipped: Pictures of inventory: Pictures of screen and/or status: See above, though status is irrelevant to this issue. GUI settings (you can just list these or leave blank and I will ask about your settings when I contact you) Lower area mobs, standard black d hide and salve ammy set up, 3 pray pots 1 range pot 1 stam pot, 10 monkfish.
  9. I may be explaining this incorrectly. Let's use NMZ for example. If you go in NMZ, the tile you're on may be (1000, 2000, 3), but if you leave and go into nmz again it could be (2500, 1700, 3). That's what I mean by different
  10. Elaborating, I'm making a Temple Trekking script right now and I noticed that the same event (instanced) is in a "different area" (i.e. the position is not the same as it was before by a large margin). I was initially going to make the script understand where the player is by position, but since this won't work, I went with looking for unique objects (as high as like 15 tiles away) to allow the bot to know what event it is on. Was wondering if there was any other way to go about this issue?
  11. What benefit does deactivating give? I never ran into any issues with it so far
  12. I am currently using Dynamic clicking; however, it miss-clicks quite a bit. I use it in conjunction wtih FC's and wastedbros AsynchCamera. I am considering making my own clicking method where it would continuously hover until successful click; however, I wasn't sure if something like this already exists. Also, is there a way to see if you did a "red click"? Elaborating, a red click is when you click an object or item. It's usually yellow if you click on a tile with nothing on it. Currently the only way I can test if it is successful is if the up text matches what I want and then wait for some conditions, which is quite inefficient in the case of a miss click (wastes 6 seconds~). Thanks in advance.
  13. What exactly don't you understand. If you are more specific I can maybe dumb it down a lot for you
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