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  1. Classic banwave, got hit on one of my troopers - online for 2 weeks straight now hah
  2. Getting around 700k-1m/hr now, but I notice this considerably drops off after about 10 hours of runtime. Restarting the script brings it back up to a consistent rate. Does the script blacklist items after it feels they've made "too much" gp?
  3. I've turned 20m into 60m or so in two weeks for personal use, albeit on a bot account i don't mind losing. 24/7ing, no ban
  4. How long would a *good* list be, max? I'm noticing worsening performance as I add items as *just in case* items
  5. Miiight just be the 4-5 level 3s per world in members bankstanding @ GE
  6. This has probably been asked before, and I apologise, but what is the difference between "AI Start" and "Script Start"? Also I've noticed my list dropping from ~300k/h to 85-100k/h, though probably more reflective of market conditions than any changes in the Script..
  7. Boom, banhammer. Muled all my gold tho, very worth.
  8. @Final Calibur Yep - all good
  9. @orange451 Edit: nvm
  10. I've gotta admit, I've been killing bots running this script while running my own Serious cash to be made here.
  11. Google what Data Analytics is, basically they have a huge dataset about us. If they can figure out a set of characteristics that identify a real player well enough, all bots are screwed eventually once they deviate significantly from the norm.
  12. How about an option to set a minimum loot value? Just watched it sprint towards some 2/3 Cakes like a fat boy haha
  13. Could you add an option to increase the mouse speed?
  14. Doesn't work for Normal logs any more after last night's update - just sits there initialising the script